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Online catalog for lawn grass seeds Semenata org presents a category in which you will find all types of quality seeds offered by us.

Quality varietal tomato seeds are housed here. We will present varieties of pink tomato, red tomato, different types of black and red cherry, and blackcurrant cherry tomatoes, we will also present seeds of potted (balcony) types of tomatoes, staked and stateless tomatoes (determinant and indeterminate). You will also find seeds of hybrid varieties of tomatoes in professional and hobby packages, suitable for gardening enthusiasts and people who are engaged in professional cultivation outdoors or indoors in polyethylene greenhouses. In this section of the garden online catalog, you can find seeds of exotic tomato varieties - yellow tomatoes, black tomatoes, pear-shaped tomatoes, green varieties, orange tomatoes, rugby ball tomatoes, pear-shaped varieties, varieties seeds with or without a green ring, tiger tomatoes, green varieties, etc.

In this specialized category, you will also see our cucumber seed offers. We will present to you some of the most popular professional and hobby long-fruited, short-fruited, or gherkin cucumber seeds. You will find varieties that are resistant to various cucumber diseases - powdery mildew, fusarium, verticillium, nematodes, etc. All cucumber and vegetable seeds offered here are accompanied by brief information about the variety and recommended periods for sowing and growing seedlings.

In addition to tomatoes and cucumbers, here we will present many varietal seeds of different types of peppers. You will find seeds of popular Bulgarian pepper varieties such as Kurtovska capita, Hisarska capita, etc. We will present seeds of different types of paprika, various varieties of hot peppers, Chorbaji pepper, hot and sweet fish, rosehip pepper, ratoon pepper seeds, etc.

In the Semenata org seed category, you will also find many varieties of vegetables. In this part, we will also present less popular crops such as white and purple calabash, coiled or low (stalkless) peas, broad beans, asparagus beans, artichokes, various types of asparagus, broccoli, okra, capers, cauliflower, watercress, turnips, radishes, onions, chives, etc.
Here we will also present a number of varietal lettuce and lettuce seeds. You'll find iceberg lettuce seed, red, curly, or straight-leaf lettuces, different spinach varieties, winter, and spring lettuce, and more.

In the category of the home and garden catalog for lawn grass seeds, we will also present different varieties of chard seeds, large and small varieties of pumpkin, zucchini for frying, sweet corn, popcorn corn, red or white beetroot, exotic and medicinal plants such as black root, heady or oblong chicory, etc.
In addition to vegetables, here in the garden catalog, you will also find seeds of various types of spices - parsley, basil, dill, various varieties of savory, cumin, cumin, black pepper, salvia (sage), and much more.

In this section, you will also find many seeds with which you can prepare seedlings and grow various exotic and more popular fruits - kivano, melon, watermelons, garden perennial strawberries, cascade or forest strawberry, tomatillo, physalis, kiwi seeds, goji berry, strawberry tree, melon tree, etc.
Along with the variety of crop plants, fruits, and vegetables you will also find a huge variety of flower seeds and ornamental plants. Here we will present varieties of annual and perennial flowers for the garden and yard, seeds of balcony cascading species, evergreen or deciduous trees and low shrubs, exotic palms, and plants from faraway countries that you can grow at home in pots and boxes.

We will present to you seeds of flower varieties that are suitable for growing outdoors in the garden and yard, seeds of species with which you can easily and quickly design interior landscaping of homes, offices, hotels and hotel complexes, gas stations, gas stations, etc.
Garden shop Semenata will also present here various types of grass mixtures and single-component ryegrass. You will find different types of grass seeds, which are valued and used by professional gardeners and landscape architects for the landscaping of various types of terrain - private yards, mountain cottages, houses according to European programs, gated residential complexes, production centers, logistics bases, stadiums, restaurants, cafes, fast food, etc.

Here you will find seeds and grass mixes for sports fields, golf courses, tennis courts, field hockey fields, equestrian fields, basketball courts, practice stadiums, rugby fields, and more.
Semenata Shop will also present special seeds of drought-resistant types of grass, with which you can sow different types of areas that cannot be irrigated regularly - country houses, villas, parking lots made with plastic parking elements, around highways, roads, around steep terrains and etc.

In addition to ornamental grass mixes, you'll also find a number of specialty seeds in the varietal seed category of a store for animals - grass mixtures used to build pastures, hay fields, special grasses for horses, cows, sheep, goats, buffaloes, donkeys, roe deer, elk, camels, ostriches, etc.

In this part of the catalog, you will also find a variety of high-quality alfalfa seeds from Bulgarian and foreign producers at reasonable prices.