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Seed tape and discs

Our fast-growing online salads seeds catalog has included in its rich catalog..
Online herb seeds catalog offers in its rich catalog Basil seed discs for pla..
Packing / number of seeds. Sowing rate. Yield. Sowing period: February to July. ..
Online vegetable seeds catalog presents seeds on discs with Basil, Coriander,..
Online catalog for vegetable seeds offers its customers Italian basil seed ta..
The Mentha Piperita disc seeds are part of the rich assortment offered by our online herbs..
Packing / number of seeds: in one pack you will find 7 m of special water-soluble tape, in..
Packet/ seeds amount: 3 strips with seeds each long 1.33 m. 1 strip with savory seeds, 1 s..
Packet/ seeds amount: 4 disks with 10 cm diameter. Sowing rate: Depends on the siz..
Flowering: Green-yellow flowers blooming during the active season. Height: From 40..
Packet/ seeds amount: 3 strips, two strips with seeds of dill and one with seeds of gherki..
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Semenata org vegetable seeds catalog online presents to its customers a specialized category in which you will find a number of varietal seeds for easy sowing in seed tape and discs.

Tape seeds are seeds placed in a special biodegradable tape. With them, you can easily sow in the garden or in pots and boxes. The tape is placed in the required place and covered with a fine layer of soil. The seeds are placed at optimal distances from each other according to the variety and type of plant. This saves you the time-consuming maintenance of distances and subsequent thinning (especially for plants with very small seeds).

Seed discs are analogous to seed tape. The seeds are placed at certain distances in the paper disc. The discs are sown by placing them in a pot or in the garden they are sprinkled with a fine layer of soil and watered.