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In this section on vegetable seeds, we want to introduce you to an extremely useful vegetable that is the main ingredient of almost every dish in our area. A vegetable that is characterized by a mild taste and rich nutritional content, and is a representative of the Onion plant family - for your attention Leek Onion.

Leek is related to onions and garlic, but its history ties it to a very distant period in the past. It is believed to date back to Antiquity when it was consumed by the ancient Romans and used as a medicinal remedy in Mesopotamia. Centuries later, it spread to Europe, where its popularity grew so much that the vegetable became the official emblem of the French national rugby team. .

Although part of the onion plant family, leeks differ from other crops in that their leaf bases do not thicken or form tubercles, but form a tall, cylindrical stem studded with petals.

Leeks are divided into two main types - summer and winter. The difference between them is that summer leeks have thinner stems, while winter leeks have thicker stems.

The representative of Onion plants is a culture that is propagated by pre-prepared seedlings or direct sowing of the seeds in the soil. It grows well in deep and organically rich soils that have good water permeability. In fact, leeks have high water requirements in order to germinate and develop successfully, the onion culture needs regular and abundant watering. It grows successfully at sub-zero temperatures, withstanding up to -20°C.

It is ready for harvesting in the autumn months - October/November.

Defined as an extremely useful vegetable, leek onion is a biennial crop, (which is) rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, and the phosphoric acid necessary for the human body.

In addition, it contains times less sugar and more vitamins than its other relatives.

With its useful composition, leek has many beneficial properties on the human body. Its regular consumption facilitates digestion and activates the metabolism, which in turn stimulates the body to shed excess pounds - an effect sought by many people who suffer from excess weight.

Its composition also contains polyphenols, which are characterized by well-expressed antioxidant properties. Their main function is to protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Their content in leeks serves to protect blood vessels well.

The vegetable from the onion family also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and protects the kidneys and the liver.

Its wide application in cooking is known all over the world. Its main application is as a seasoning in all kinds of salads, soups, and dishes.

Its consumption in a fresh state is highly recommended because then it contains all the useful sum of nutrients. When it undergoes heat treatment, its usefulness decreases.