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Celery seeds

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In this section of our online catalog for vegetable seeds, concrete curbs, and garden paving, you will find a wide assortment of carefully selected varieties of the amazing root vegetable, determined to be an excellent diuretic and natural cleanser of the body - Celery. Widely distributed under the name - chervil, celery is a great source of vitamins and minerals, and in terms of vitamin C content, it can undoubtedly be compared to lemon.

The root vegetable is a useful plant that improves digestion, promotes healthy sleep, soothes, and is used to successfully treat arthritis and rheumatism, and in cooking it can be consumed in any form. We present to you the delicious and very useful vegetable Celery.

Cultivated celery is derived from the wild type, which has been known since Antiquity, where its main use was as a medicinal agent. Today, the useful vegetable is widespread in Europe, Asia, and Africa and is consumed fresh, stewed, fried, and boiled, as a useful addition to soups and other dishes. Its leaves are often made into a wonderful spice.

Celery is closely related to carrots and parsley, all three great vegetables being part of the umbel family. The plant is biennial, in the first year it forms its root and leaf rosette, and in the second - it blooms.

The plant germinates and develops successfully at positive temperatures of 18-20°C. It likes soils that have a high humus content. Specific celery is that it has a serious need for moisture, so it must be watered regularly and abundantly, especially during the period in which the seeds germinate.

The popularity of celery is due to its pleasant taste and the many beneficial benefits it exhibits on the human body. The useful plant is characterized by a high content of vitamins, and minerals and is a great source of antioxidants. All parts of the plant are rich in useful substances.

The root of the root vegetable is a source of vital minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, and the leaves are bursting with vitamin C. As already mentioned, the content of this much-needed vitamin in celery is comparable to its content in citrus fruits, such as lemon and orange.

Celery is a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are extremely important elements that fight free radicals formed in the body, which cause cancer. Celery contains the antioxidants panaxadiol, falcarinol, methyl-falcarinol, and falcarinol.

Precisely because of its useful content, even in the past, celery was highly valued as an indispensable remedy for many ailments and diseases. Nowadays, its regular consumption could lead to health benefits for the whole organism.

The first thing we can say is that this vegetable is an excellent diuretic. Its consumption stimulates the removal of excess fluids from the body, which leads to the elimination of edema and swelling. Improves kidney function and helps with urinary tract infections.

It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and controls proper blood pressure.

It strengthens the immune system and has a very positive effect on the digestive system. See more herb seeds online.

In cooking, celery is one of the most common vegetables. It is consumed in any form - from fresh to stewed, fried, and boiled. Fresh consumption of the useful vegetable is recommended because when it undergoes heat treatment, it loses a large part of its useful ingredients.

Celery is a wonderful addition to soups, salads, meat, and fish dishes. A useful, low-calorie and very easy form of consumption of celery is juice. Celery juice is believed to balance cholesterol and help lose excess body weight.