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Delicious Chives seeds

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In this section of the online catalog for garden lawn edging and goods for the home and garden, we want to present you with a selected selection of different varieties of high-quality seeds of the Siberian onion and Chives. This type of onion and garlic plant belongs to the Onion species family and impresses strongly with an attractive appearance, a delicate onion/garlic aroma, depending on the variety, a mild taste, and numerous beneficial health benefits.

Chives is a perennial plant that dates back to Antiquity. Although part of the Onion family, this species differs in two paragraphs. When growing, it does not form the typical bulb and its taste does not have, characteristic of onion and garlic plants, an intrusive and pungent note.

The main part that is used from Chives is the green and thin leaves. They have a finished application of a vegetable or spice. It is the wild onion that has become one of the ingredients that contribute to an excellent finish to the dishes. It is irresistible, cut into small pieces, as an addition to eggs, potatoes, cheese, and fish.

In addition to its highly valued culinary application, Chives are also famous for their great healing properties. It has an excellent effect on coughs, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract and overall strengthens the immune system. It helps in the treatment of skin growth, such as ringworm and warts. According to some studies, chives (show) successful prevention in the treatment of colon, stomach, and prostate cancer.

The beneficial benefits of Chives are mainly due to their beneficial content. In its composition, the Siberian onion has important minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamins of group B, vitamin C, minerals potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, sulfur, fluorine, and fructose. Besides them, its composition is supplemented by essential oils, amino acids, phytoncides, and glycosides.

An interesting fact is that its consumption covers the necessary daily dose of vitamin A and vitamin C. Folic acid, which is contained in the onion plant, helps with depression, which automatically makes Chives a good mood plant. :)

There are many folk recipes with chives that successfully help treat various problems. As mentioned, chives are often used in the treatment of skin diseases. The best part is that most of the recipes can be implemented at home. An example of this is chives juice against skin formations.

You need the juice of the plant, which is applied to festering wounds and cold sores, and for desired results, the specific area should be smeared four times a day. With the same juice, you can treat warts and lichens by making a compress that is placed on the area for about 15 minutes.

With their green and thin leaves, the Chives have also found use as a decoration. It can be used to decorate salads and dishes, as well as the home garden. It is often used in the arrangement of decorative gardens, thus adding the desired greenery, freshness, and beauty.