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Pea seeds for planting

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We want to present to you a category containing a serious assortment of seeds of the delicious and extremely nutritious vegetable that is the Pea. It is characterized by great nutritional content, and its consumption has many beneficial effects on the body, that we can safely say that this is the vegetable that everyone likes to enjoy.

Peas are an annual crop that belongs to the Legume family. It has been known since ancient times. In fact, peas are believed to have been used as far back as the Stone and Bronze Ages. The main feature of the crop is the high amount of vegetable protein it contains, an advantage that makes peas a very easy-to-digest food. This is not the end of its rich content, peas are provided with vital vitamins and minerals, of which the presence of selenium stands out - a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and stimulates mental activity. Peas are also rich in dietary fiber and at the same time low in fat. FYI, there are 81 calories in 100 grams, of which 0 are calories from fat.

The pea has a tall stem that can reach up to 2.5 meters and pinnate leaves that end in whiskers on which the plants support each other. The flowers emerge from the axils of the petals and are colored in light shades such as white, violet, pink, and red. The plant yields a crop of straight and curved greenish pods that turn yellow at a later stage.

In our latitudes, the bean crop is sown in spring and before winter.

With their valuable nutritional content, peas have become a real temptation in the kitchen. During processing, the nutritional qualities of the vegetable are not lost, which is a significant advantage over most crops. With reason, this leguminous crop occupies one of the first places among other vegetables. Peas can be part of almost any dish - they make great, nutritious, and healthy salads, delicious cream soups, and many dishes.

For an easy and delicious salad with peas, you need about 400 grams of peas, they can be canned, but you can also use fresh. In case you prefer fresh peas, you should first boil them until the peas are soft and drain them. 2 carrots and 1 avocado are added to the recipe, and for the dressing - olive oil, lemon or lemon juice, salt, and fennel sprigs. Carrots are cut and stewed in pre-salted water. Drain and add to the already softened and drained peas. The avocado is cut with a suitable sharp knife into small pieces and added to the other ingredients. The vegetables are seasoned with lemon, olive oil, and salt, and as the last ingredient, fresh dill is added about 5 sprigs. Mix everything well and voila!

Very tasty, nutritious, useful, and dietary!

Peas also go very well with chicken, pork, and potatoes. See more seeds for fruits and vegetables.