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Grass and lawn fertilizers

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In this part of the garden center Semenata bg we will present some of the most effective fertilizers for grass, lawn, and different varieties of ryegrass offered on the Bulgarian market. Here you will find famous Dutch, German, Polish, Italian, Chinese, French ryegrass fertilizer brands, etc., used by professional gardeners and lovers of beautiful grass carpets.

Fertilizers for ryegrass are divided according to their duration of action. In this part of the catalog, we will introduce you to specialized fertilizers that work for about a week, a month, three months, five months or even up to 9 months with a single application to the lawn.

One of the newest types of fertilizers for fertilizing lawns and gardens, in general, is long-acting fertilizers. They have different technologies for the release of nutrients in the soil, which are related to air temperature, unlike standard water-soluble ryegrass fertilizers. Their advantages are extremely numerous.

They make it much easier and safer to fertilize different types of lawns. A long-acting fertilizer for ryegrass or mixed grass is also valued because it does not force the growth of the grass, allows it to absorb nutrients more easily and, last but not least, saves time, effort, and money in fertilizing.

In our catalog, you will find mineral and organic fertilizers for ryegrass, which you can use when sowing different types of grass mixtures, as well as with already existing grass carpets.
According to the types of trace elements contained in them, fertilizers are single-component (with only one type of nutrient) and multi-component (combined mineral fertilizers for grass that contain many types of nutrients).

Undoubtedly, fertilizing grass carpets with ryegrass grass fertilizers that are combined is many times more efficient and more favorable for the grass. With them, you bring in micro and macro elements that are needed by the whole plant - leaf mass, root system. With them, you stimulate the growth of leaves, the growth and development of the root system, the color of the leaves, the twining knot, resistance to the mane, and various types of lawn diseases.

There are also so-called specialized fertilizers that have a specific action and purpose. In this part of the garden store, we will present a wide range of professional and quite effective versions of such fertilizers. You'll find a variety of lawn fertilizers with broadleaf weed control, ryegrass fertilizers with moss control, anti-yellowing fertilizers, shade fertilizers, specialty fall ryegrass fertilizers, summer and winter fertilizers, stress fertilizers, and more.

All fertilizers that are available in the Semenata org store are in original packaging from the manufacturer or an official representative and are of guaranteed origin. Fertilizer for ryegrass is delivered to all points in Bulgaria - Yambol, Haskovo, Sofia, Kaspichan, Sandanski, Svoge, Burgas, Dospat, Varna, Kozloduy, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Shumen, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Smolyan, Dimitrovgrad, Plovdiv and etc.