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Iron-enriched nitrogen lawn fertilizer with anti-moss action in the grass for quick removal

Iron-enriched nitrogen lawn fertilizer with anti-moss action in the grass for quick removal
Iron-enriched nitrogen lawn fertilizer with anti-moss action in the grass for quick removal
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Its base is composed of nitrogen, balanced to maintain excellent lawn color. The presence of iron in the fertilizer not only nourishes the grass but is also an effective means of combating mosses.
If you use nitrogen-enriched iron-enriched lawn moss fertilizer to get rid of mosses in ryegrass or other lawns, you will notice that the moss turns black quickly after about a week of application.

At the same time, the grass is nourished and grows fresh and rich green. At the same time, even a single treatment with these nitrogen fertilizers has an effect for a month.
If you use this fertilizer with the useful anti-moss action to fertilize, you will see how the grass quickly recovers, quickly thickens, and acquires a rich green color. At the same time, it is freed from mosses.

Since after fertilizing with this specialized granular fertilizer, the grass develops a good leaf mass, it also becomes stronger and resistant to stress factors. With these all-purpose fertilizers, you can treat both younger lawns that have been mowed in the last 12 months, as well as older lawns that are several years old. Only on very young newly sown grass is it not good to use before its third mowing.

The dose for treating areas that are less affected by this nitrogen fertilizer with iron is 30 g per square meter. For lawns where this problem is more serious, you can increase the dose to 40 g per square meter. A suitable time for fertilizing grass and ryegrass is in spring, summer, and autumn (between the beginning of May and the beginning of October). Choose a mild time to apply the fertilizer.

The use of nitrogen anti-moss lawn fertilizer when seeding the grass is not recommended. When weeding, it is best to use special fertilizer for grass mixtures for a quick start and uniform seed germination. It is best to use a balanced lawn fertilizer only after mowing the lawn. The granules are spread evenly and the best ratio for this is to drop about 30 grams of the fertilizer per square meter.

You can treat about 35 square meters of grass with one one-kilogram package of anti-moss fertilizer. The treatment is one time and works for about a month. It is necessary to water the grass well after you finish fertilizing it so that it dissolves well and activates its rapid nourishing action.

Landscape designers and gardeners who are professionally engaged in this activity also prefer fertilizers of this type - nitrogen fertilizer with iron against moss. It is for this reason that they are often used to maintain spectacular public green spaces, garden and park complexes, hotels, luxury residences, diplomatic missions, villas and homes, restaurants, and cafes.

Get rid of moss in the grass by manually removing it from the affected area after it turns black. Thanks to this fertilizer, you will stimulate the formation of a strong, dense, and more resistant to regeneration (when trampled) and unfavorable climatic conditions grass carpet, without the presence of annoying mosses.

Package: 1 kg.
Duration of action: Up to a month with single fertilization.
Application and dosage: The dose for slightly affected grasses is 30 g per one square meter, and for more strongly affected areas of mosses it is 40 g per one square meter. The 1 kg package is enough to fertilize 35 square meters of lawn.
Content: Nitrogen /19%/, Iron /11%/.
Are you looking for an anti-moss fertilizer for your lawn that will also nourish it and maintain a rich green leaf color? Online store recommends Lactofol fertilizers with action against mosses for the treatment of grassy areas in our country, both by amateur gardeners and professionals in the industry.

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