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The online catalog of Semenata located at is administered by Seven Seeds Ltd. Bulgaria.

Seven Seeds Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria with a registered office and address of management Sofia 1574, Sofia district (capital); Capital Municipality. Slatina district, residential area Hr. Smirnenski, bl.11 et.6, ap.23. with VAT202200076 and SEO – T o d o r K l y u n c h e v.

Seven Seeds Ltd. develops trade-in flooring for parking lots, varietal seeds, grass mixtures, fertilizers for ornamental and cultivated plants, and organic seeds.

The company deals with landscape design and the construction of green areas. Offers services for grassing gardens through professional grass mixtures and delivery and laying of ready grass lawns. Seven Seeds Ltd. builds living green walls (vertical landscaping), delivers ornamental plants, humus soil, subscription maintenance of green areas, and more. Seven Seeds Ltd. employs landscape architects, engineers, and ecologists with extensive experience related to the design, construction, and maintenance of green areas, vegetable gardens, polyethylene and glass greenhouses, construction of automated irrigation systems, and activities related to the design of green areas in interior and exterior.

The company also offers the design and construction of professional irrigation systems for ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, irrigation systems for vineyards and vineyards, and construction of specific pumping stations.

In the online catalog, you will find a wide variety of products for your yard and garden, grass paving grids, regardless of whether you are a professional - producer of vegetables, flowers and more. Here you will find extremely rich information about each product, prepared by our experienced specialists.

Online garden catalog Semenata ORG will present a special selection of leading brands presented in Bulgaria for professional and hobby grass paving grids, grass edging, seeds of vegetables, herbs and spices, flower seeds, grass mixtures, organic seeds and fertilizers, liquid, granular and gel fertilizers, fertilizers for hydroponics, fertilizers for lawns and many more. etc.

Here you will find flower pots and containers, seedling plates, tomato stakes, tomato tongs, greenhouse equipment, drip hoses, tape hoses for vegetable growers, greenhouse tape, grass and ryegrass barriers and more.

You can contact us using the phone number and contact email provided during business hours.

Phone: +359 8 8 6 - 777 - 99-7


Work time:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 to 16:00

Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays.

We deliver goods only in European Union.