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Soils and substrates

Bio Erde - organic soil substrate without peatReady-to-use soil substrate, specially d..
10.40 euro and Seven Seeds are pleased to present a high-quality product for the design ..
35.90 euro
Fine peat with perfect qualities. Suitable for all types of ornamental plants, potted and ..
58.50 euro
German substrate for orchids 5 liters – Suitable for orchids of all types and other epiphy..
9.50 euro
Very Good substrate for phalaenopsis orchids. It is suitable for orchids of all types and ..
12.50 euro
Citrus Planzenerde - peat substrate – soil for citrus trees in pot.Ready-to-use pea..
9.50 euro
Bio Krauter und Aussaaterde - Organic substrate for sowing seeds, for plants, and planting..
18.90 euro
This is our proposal for a peat universal soil substrate that is suitable for growing and ..
5.70 euro
Grunfplanzen und Palmenerde is a special soil for palm trees and all kinds of deciduous an..
9.90 euro
Rosenerde - soil substrate for roses is a ready-to-use, peat substrate designed for planti..
11.50 euro
Seven Seeds ltd. presents a special soil substrate for sowing seeds, pricking and transpla..
14.50 euro
The special substrate is suitable for balcony and indoor plants, for seedlings and vegetab..
7.00 euro
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The online catalog for garden and home presents to all its customers a specialized category with quality soils and substrates for various purposes.

In this category, you will find suitable soil for different types of citrus and tropical plants - lemons, oranges, tangerines, pomelo, kiwi, Cucumis metuliferus, called the African horned cucumber, and more.

We will also present specialized soils for different varieties of palms and evergreens such as date palm, Washington palm, cycad, coconut palm, different types of ferns, hammers palms, areca palms, psychosis, zamia, chlorophytum and others.

In the category, you will also find different types of universal soils for flowers and vegetables. In them, you can easily grow balcony flowers such as petunias, large-flowered geranium, Latin, impaction (gypsy), gazania, and others.

Here you will find hobby cuts and large professional soil cuts that can be used for sowing seeds and producing seedlings of flowers, vegetables, spices, herbs, and more.

You will find reasonable soil prices for seedlings of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, thyme, chives, watercress, lavender, basil, mint, mint, and more.