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Herbs and medicinal plants seeds

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Under this category in our online catalog for seeds, and flooring in your home and garden, you will find a serious assortment of varietal seeds of favorite, useful, and very tasty spices and herbs. In this section, we have selected for you high-quality seeds of the fragrant Lavender, the antiseptic herb Calendula, the healing Thyme, the calming Mint, the perennial herb Echinacea, the healing St. John's wort, one of the most common spices in the world, Basil and many, many others.

The history of spices and herbs dates back so many thousands of years that they are declared the most ancient commodities. Their history is believed to date back to prehistoric times, with traces of the spice cumin found in Stone Age dwellings. Herbs were often used by ancient healers and philosophers and were known for their great healing effects.

In the past, the main centers where spices were distributed were China, India, and Indonesia. At that time, their trade brought great wealth and power to people and cities, according to legends, their price equaled the price of gold.

Today, spices and herbs are the most common and used commodities worldwide.

Spices are dried parts of the plant, such as roots, fruits, seeds, and bark, which are used for a perfect finish to any dish.

The main characteristic of spices is that they have a specific taste and aroma, which contributes to the better taste of dishes and their uniqueness.
In addition, they facilitate the intake of food by stimulating the release of food juices and thus support proper digestion.
It is an indisputable fact that the taste of any dish mainly depends on carefully selected spices with which it is flavored. Can you imagine the taste of any dish without salt, pepper or savory?

You can't go wrong if you add spices, you can only go wrong if, with all the aromas and flavors, you overdo it and over-flavor your dish.

Some of the most famous herbs distributed in our territory are basil, thyme, fennel, black pepper, oregano, savory, cumin, and parsley.

Herbs, on the other hand, are the green parts of plants that, either fresh or dried, can be used for medicinal purposes. (such as food, drug, and cosmetic production)

They are a medicinal remedy known since ancient times, which is used to treat various diseases and conditions. Their variety is great, some herbs have a soothing effect, others have an antiseptic effect, and others tend to help in the fight against chronic diseases.

The most common herbs among us are lavender and mint, and the most healing is calendula, yarrow, elder, St. John's wort, and lemon balm.

The best thing is that all these tasty, fragrant, and useful plants can be grown at home, in your garden, or in a pot on the terrace. Besides being extremely fragrant, the colors of some of the species are so magnetic that they will decorate your home and garden for a long time.

After this brief introduction, we gladly invite you to dive into the rich variety of varietal seeds that we offer in our garden store and choose the most suitable for you tasty, aromatic and healing herbs and spices.