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This special lawn fertilizer designed for the treatment of areas with ryegrass and other c..
Packaging: The autumn fertilizer is available in packaging of 1 kg (for 35 - 50 sq.m) and ..
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Gardening and home catalog is pleased to present you with a great fertilizer ..
Online home and garden modern catalog presents to its many current and future..
For each nutrient (% by mass): 5.5% ammonia nitrogen (N), 8.5% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)..
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Are you looking for a suitable granular fertilizer for hydrangeas and plants growing on ac..
In the catalog of the online garden and modern home catalog, we offer amateur..
Its base is composed of nitrogen, balanced to maintain excellent lawn color. The presence ..
Packaging: 0.5 l Duration of efficiency: Up to 1 week Application and dosa..
Online for modern home and garden catalog offers specialized liquid fertilize..
This combined professional lawn fertilizer with controlled release Maintenance 24-5-12, en..
We present to you a special fertilizer spreader manual for ryegrass, developed by the Ever..
Semenata org online vegetable seeds catalog is pleased to present a great product - a prof..
It is characteristic of Professional lawn fertilizer for summer that when fertilized with ..
Specialized fertilizers for grass and newly planted areas, suitable for spring and summer ..
Packaging: 1 kg Duration of action: - Application and dosage: When fertili..
Packaging: 250 ml (for about 25 liters of ready to use solution for watering about 130 - 1..
All kinds of varieties are treated with these fertilizers, including all kinds of strawber..
Garden and modern home catalog presents to its customers a great liquid ferti..
These granular Biopon fertilizers, designed specifically for fertilizing tomatoes, have a ..
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Welcome to the category of the online catalog for home and garden Semenata org, in which we will present all fertilizers for plants (decorative and cultural) that can be ordered online at!

For lovers of decorative plants, we have prepared an assortment of specialized fertilizers for green flowers such as fern, hebe, ficus benjamin, sedum, chlorophytum, hoveia, arrowroot, agave, agapanthus, and others. Choose a suitable fertilizer for palm trees or conifers.

From grass fertilizers, depending on the season, fertilizers for spring, summer, autumn, and pre-winter fertilization can be found. Some formulations are also available for year-round lawn fertilization. In addition, there are fertilizers with specialized care for stressful situations - large temperature differences in day and night temperature. For weed and moss problems in lawns, some lawn fertilizers can also be used to provide additional protection and prevention.

Another common problem in lawns is yellowing, so extra care is sometimes required when this occurs. Although this is most often due to limited watering or very hot and dry weather, it is also possible that it is due to a deficiency of some vital nutrients for the grass.

We are pleased to present to you both easy-to-use but shorter-acting hobby fertilizers as well as professional lawn fertilizers, with which you will ensure controlled fertilization of the grass, without the risk of burning on contact with the granule and deficiency of the vital nutrients.

Some long-acting fertilizers from the professional series release nutrients continuously, throughout the growing season for up to 8-9 months. These long-acting fertilizers are the best choice for plants that need the same amount of nutrients throughout their entire development period.

Such type of slow-release granular fertilizers has several main advantages that are good to pay attention to, especially if you are engaged in the production of planting decorative material. These fertilizers are usually formulated with a very high degree of safety and are released in a controlled manner. In addition, with these flower fertilizers, most often all the main trace elements are balanced.

For those of you who have any concerns about the effectiveness of any single bag of long-acting fertilizer, we would like to inform you that generally, every bag of a given product will produce identical results. By purchasing once from professional slow-release fertilizers, you will see for yourself their effectiveness and ease of application. Some long-acting flower fertilizers are also suitable for use with potted plants.

The controlled release of nutrients is tailored to the requirements of the plants for which the fertilizer is suitable to offer them optimal growth. This allows true control over the supply of nutrients to the plant, as these amounts are tailored to the plant's own needs.

Long-acting fertilizers are balanced so that nutrient release is ideal for faster-growing conifers and evergreens. There are formulations ideal for ligustrum, thuja, laurel, false cypress, cypress, yew, juniper, pine, fir, spruce, etc.

If you are a lover of flowers, you can look for a long-acting flower fertilizer that is extremely safe and effective in fertilizing potted plants and containers.

Choose a suitable fertilizer for roses, petunias, geranium fertilizer, cobblestone fertilizer, begonia, hydrangeas, surfing fertilizer, morning glory, alyssum, godetia, and other flowering plants and shrubs.

In the fertilizer category of the online Semenata Shop, you will be able to find other fertilizers in liquid, granular, or another form, for example.

In addition to lawns, care related to fertilizing the ornamental shrubs and trees in the garden should also be applied. Whether coniferous, deciduous, evergreen, or deciduous, flowering, or not, ornamental shrubs also need regular feeding during the growing season. And since everyone prefers a different form of fertilizers, according to the method of application, we hope that everyone can find a suitable and above all easy-to-use and excellent quality formulation.

For fertilizing fruit trees, it is good to feed with specialized fertilizers for fruit trees, and in the spring, a granular version is usually used, which is dug in around the trunk and roots. It is best if it is a long-acting fertilizer so that you do not have to do this manipulation weekly or monthly. For additional care or correction, foliar feeding fertilizers are used, which are usually applied after diluting with water by spraying directly on the plants. The use of water-soluble fertilizers that are applied by watering in the drip irrigation system may also be preferred. It is important to always keep in mind the shelf life of the fertilizer being used and to communicate it spread carefully, so as not to overfertilize the plants, which will subsequently lead to their molting, yellowing, dropping of the foliage or even death.

If you have a problem with hard water (often a build-up of lime on the drippers and pipes of the irrigation system), then it is good to look for a variant of vegetable fertilizer that has an additional ingredient against such deposits.

Some professional fertilizers are globally recognized and used in various nurseries. From hobby fertilizers for plants, you will find various products of popular brands that are specialized for specific species or have a wider application.

For all those who prefer organic products, we hope to find a suitable fertilizer to feed both their favorite flowers and ornamental plants, as well as the vegetables, fruits, and fruit trees they grow.

Choose a suitable tomato fertilizer, a specialist rooting fertilizer, or against grass moss with increased iron content.

When growing peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, and other annual crops, it is good to prepare a specialized fertilization program that meets the increased needs of certain nutrients during the different stages of vegetable development.

For lovers of currants, gooseberries, chokeberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, there is also specialized nutrition care in the form of small fruit fertilizers.

For vineyards and home vineyards with grapes, you can also choose specialized care for them.

There are quite a few proposals for flower fertilizers. For anyone who prefers specialized care and formulations aimed at a specific type of plant, for example, pelargonium fertilizer, rose fertilizer, petunia fertilizers, and others can search for the required product more quickly by visiting the flower fertilizers subcategory.

Fertilizers for herbs and spices are also available. They are specially formulated to nourish plants such as fennel, parsley, rosemary, thyme, savory, devesil, tarragon, jojgen, mint, etc. But even if you do not find a fertilizer for flowers or other plants aimed specifically at the given species, you can choose one of the natural organic fertilizers for vegetables and ornamental plants. They have extremely wide use and are suitable for feeding even lawns. Similar versatility and applicability to various plant groups can also be found in long-acting mineral forms.

Some fertilizers can also be used to fertilize not only flowers but also herbs and spices, i.e. have universal use. Such, for example, are the organic fertilizers from California worms. They are suitable for fertilizing even lawns. They are often chosen and preferred for fertilizing fruits and vegetables.

The method of using fertilizers and their storage are among the key points for the success of fertilization. Always follow the dosage mentioned on the label of each specific product. It can be very different, depending on the form of the fertilizer - liquid, granular, crystalline, etc. Do not be misled by the dosage of other plant fertilizers. Use the product exactly as it is written on the package. Store only in a dry place and away from direct sunlight, but also away from heat. After use, open boxes, vials or sacks must be kept tightly closed in areas where children and animals cannot access them.

Attention: Apply the dosage of fertilizers as a general recommendation only on the unfertilized substrate. If you grow the plants under tunnels, in greenhouses, or under specific climatic conditions, consult a specialist to make the necessary adjustments in dosage. Consultation with an agronomist is also necessary if fertilizing with more than one type of fertilizer, for example when correcting a deficiency of a given element.