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Fertilizer for conifers - Thuja, Yew, Pine, conifer trees and bushy plants

Fertilizer for conifers - Thuja, Yew, Pine, conifer trees and bushy plants
Fertilizer for conifers - Thuja, Yew, Pine, conifer trees and bushy plants
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Specialized fertilizer for Tthuja and conifers and bushes that form cones can be ordered online from the garden and home catalog. These fertilizers NPK (Mg, S) 5.5: 8.5: 11.5 (4: 12) are one of the most requested offers by our users.

They are specially formulated to feed coniferous shrubs and trees that have needles or cones and are not deciduous.

All types of conifers are nourished with them, including yews, junipers, firs, thuja, cedars, cypresses, pines, spruces, mulberries, firs, and many others.

Magnesium plays an important role in the formula of this fertilizer for conifers and plants NPK (Mg, S) 5.5: 8.5: 11.5 (4: 12) because it improves the vision of conifers.

Conifers are nourished and their needles are less prone to premature discoloration and shedding, retaining their rich and fresh bright green colors longer.

The potassium in these fertilizers for Thuja, spruce, pine firs, and others, contributes to the proper development of conifers and shrubs.

At the same time, it increases their resistance to diseases and pests and supports the development of strong roots in depth, which makes the plants more drought-resistant.

A big plus of this specially formulated conifer fertilizer is that plants can be fertilized from early spring to late fall. In addition, during all phases of tree development, this fertilizer can be applied for nutrition and single fertilization has an effect for one to two whole months.

In addition, NPK (Mg, S) 5.5:8.5 : 11.5(4 : 12) favors the soils on which the conifers fertilized with it grow, saturating them with a nutrient medium.

These specialized fertilizers for Thuja are granular and easily soluble, so they act quickly and are quickly dissolved in the soil and taken up by the plants. Your conifers and shrubs that form cones are nourished in a balanced way throughout the period of action of the fertilizer.

With NPK (Mg, S) 5.5: 8.5: 11.5 (4: 12) of Biopon you can fertilize from spring to autumn, in the months of April, June, July, and September.

After feeding, conifers are well watered. In winter, conifers - pine, fir, spruce, and shrubs are not fertilized, as then wintering conifers and shrubs do not require fertilizing.

You can use this fertilizer when planting a coniferous tree or shrub, and the granules are poured into the holes prepared for planting. Spread evenly and mix with the soil. After planting the tree, water it abundantly.

When you want to feed already grown coniferous plants - thuja, spruce, cypress, pine, fir, cedar, sprinkle the granules evenly and carefully in the soil around the stem.

Do not sprinkle the fertilizers on the foliage, so as not to burn the plants. Mix the granules together with the topsoil and water abundantly.

In addition to outdoor plantings, NPK (Mg, S) 5.5:8.5: 11.5 (4: 12) fertilizers are also successfully applied when feeding ornamental conifers and shrubs that are planted in pots or other vessels outside their natural environment in nature.

Cut: 1 kg
Duration of action: up to two months.
Application and dosage: 40 grams per coniferous plant when planting. 40 grams per square meter on planted areas with trees and shrubs or on an individual plant. This fertilizer is effective for up to 2 months when feeding and 1 kg is sufficient to treat areas of up to 25 square meters (Or for 25 plants).
Content: Ammonia Nitrogen (N) 5%; Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 8.5%; Potassium oxide (K2O) 11.5%; Magnesium oxide (MgO) 4%; Sulfur (S) 12% 

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