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Manual fertilizer spreader for precise fertilization of lawns and sowing of ryegrass

Manual fertilizer spreader for precise fertilization of lawns and sowing of ryegrass
Manual fertilizer spreader for precise fertilization of lawns and sowing of ryegrass

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We present to you a special fertilizer spreader manual for ryegrass, developed by the Everris company from the Landscaper Pro series. This professional device is part of the rich catalog of our online catalog for modern home and garden and we highly recommend it to all gardeners.

This high-quality manual tiller is suitable for use by amateurs and professional gardeners, because of its undeniable qualities, it's easy handling and its good price.

The fertilizer spreader is fully compatible with all lawn and grass fertilizers from the Landscaper pro series and is manufactured using leading technologies. The plastic body is light and comfortable to use. The Handy Green II hand tiller is suitable for use on small and medium-sized lawns.

It has a container of 2 liters and with its help, every gardener can fertilize medium-sized and small spaces, and the procedure is easy and does not require special efforts.

The Landscaper Pro fertilizer spreader is extremely compact and has an ergonomic handle and a reservoir in which you can also place grass seeds. Exactly! As you may have guessed, this unit makes it easy and quick to sod areas with ryegrass or grass mix and then fertilize them.

It is easy to adjust the permeability of seeds and granules according to their size.

The actual spreading of the fertilizers with this modern gardening tool Handy Green II is achieved through a compact handle that rotates easily. When it is rotated, a specially designed mechanism is activated, through which the fertilizers or seeds are spread over the areas.

This specialized fertilizer spreader and planter is designed with a unique design that reduces wrist fatigue compared to some models of other tillers.

The Handy Green II fertilizer spreader provides easy and fast uniform fertilization of areas compared to hand fertilization.

When moving with it, gardeners will feel the difference. Thanks to the uniform spreading of the fertilizer and seeds, the possibility of clumping of the fertilizer granules or seeds at one point is avoided.

The risk of over-fertilizing at a given point is reduced, as a result of which the ryegrass leaves may burn and develop spots.

At the same time, the fertilizer spreader also protects against the danger of certain areas of the ryegrass grassed area remaining unfertilized, which can occur when the fertilizers are spread by hand.

It also ensures the even distribution of seeds when weeding with ryegrass or other grass mixtures, reducing the likelihood of grass growing in tufts due to uneven seeding.

This multi-functional Landscaper Pro fertilizer spreader is suitable for fertilizing grassy areas as well as for fertilizing tree or shrub plantings that other conventional fertilizing attachments cannot reach.

Allow yourself complete control over the amounts of fertilizers you use in plant nutrition and in the ornamental garden.

A big plus for the Handy Green II fertilizer spreader is that it can be used not only for fertilizing, but also to create newly landscaped areas. To do this, you only need to pour the grass mixture or ryegrass from the seeds into the fertilizer, and with its help spread the seeds you want to sow in the most convenient way for you.

You receive the fertilizer spreader assembled and ready for use.

In addition, with the Handy Green II fertilizer, very effective salting of frozen terrain can be carried out in winter.

In this case, instead of fertilizer or seeds, fine-grained salt is placed in the tank of the fertilizer spreader, which has the appropriate size for proper permeability.

When using the tool for this purpose, after the procedure, be sure to rinse the main parts of the fertilizer that came into contact with the salt with a copious stream of water.

Specialists from our online catalog for modern garden and home recommend that, in general, the procedure of washing with water should be carried out not only when working with salt, but also when fertilizing or spreading seeds.

Don't worry about the materials it's made of. It has a stainless steel housing made of a plastic funnel and a stirrer. 

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