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Lawn seeds for dry areas

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Lawn seeds for dry areas can be found in this part of the catalog for the garden.

Lawn seeds for dry places are among the most frequently chosen types of grass in our country, due to the peculiarities of the Bulgarian continental climate, which is characterized by hot and quite dry summers.

Drought-tolerant ryegrasses are chosen by both professional gardeners and lawn enthusiasts who are weeding places with a lack of sufficient moisture for one reason or another. Most often, these are private villas in mountainous areas, lawns in summer houses, orchards, public parks, hotels without an irrigation system, schools, kindergartens, universities, offices, and office buildings, around large supermarkets, etc.

Usually, grass seeds for dry grounds are produced from several varieties of grasses that belong to the Cereal family. The varieties that are used have a slightly larger leaf structure, a little rougher as a decorative effect, but in no case can it be said that they are ugly.

The main advantage is the rather powerful and deep root system of these types of ryegrass. It is from these deep roots that the high resistance of the mixtures to drought comes.

In this part of the catalog, we will present high-quality professional Lawn seeds for dry areas, which are of guaranteed origin and highly effective in creating a dense grass carpet with good aesthetic qualities and resistance to drought.

What are the requirements for achieving a beautiful grass carpet when weeding with grass seeds for dry grounds?

Sowing the seeds. When sowing a dry lawn seeds mixture, it is imperative to prepare the ground well. It must be cleared of old grass or vegetation, any weeds, large stones, etc. Be sure to level and compact the substrate well with a rake and roller.
The seeds must be distributed very evenly and must be dug in. In no case do not leave the seeds on top, always cover them with a thin layer of soil no more than one centimeter thick. Then roll.

Watering the so-grassed area with a drought mixture must be extremely regular and rigorous without allowing the surface layer to dry out. By drying out the top layer that contains the seed, you risk damaging the newly formed sprout and compromising a large part of the crop.

It is important to clean as much as possible the weeds, which come out in most cases even before the ryegrass. Cleaning is done by hand or, as a last resort, with preparation for broadleaf weeds (herbicide).

Light. If you choose to build your garden with a drought-tolerant grass mixture, it is good to know that these types of ryegrass prefer sunny places. They can tolerate shading in some parts of the day but no more than 2-3 hours in the shade daily.

Soil. For maximum effect, the soil must be well-drained, if it is clay, add sand or build a drainage system in advance. In order to develop the root system of drought-resistant grass mixtures, it is good that the soil layer is at least 40 cm deep.

Fertilization. Another important condition for a beautiful grass carpet is to periodically stock the soil with sufficient nutrients. This is done by regularly applying compound fertilizers for ryegrass.
It is especially important during the summer months to fertilize with fertilizers rich in Phosphorus and Potassium. These are two of the elements that stimulate the development of the root system, with which the grass becomes more resistant to drought and stressful situations.

Water. Water is an essential factor for the good development of every living being. Although drought tolerant mixes, they need moisture to develop normally. Keep in mind, that it is especially important during the summer months to ensure that any drought tolerant grass is well watered at least four times a week.

With a lack of water, the grass starts to turn yellow and soon the grass dies. Once the foliage is completely dry, even if you resume watering, the grass will not recover and you have to re-seed the affected areas.

You have to be very careful with watering. With an excess of water, the root system of dry-resistant ryegrass can rot, resulting in yellow spots. The grass drastically stops its growth and molts.
With more water than necessary, different types of mold appear (black mold that is visible on the soil, green mold, etc.) or different types of mosses. They suffocate the dry-resistant grass and it cannot produce self-similar ("brothers"), or to put it more colloquially, it cannot thicken.

Mowing. An important condition for thickening the grass and its high decorative effect is regular mowing. Mowing dry-resistant lawns are done with an electric or motorized mower with a basket. It is very important that grass clippings are collected and removed. Otherwise, it can suffocate the grass carpet and damage its density.

If you let the grass overgrow the grass carpet will suffocate itself and become loose. The root system weakens and the grass has a hard time recovering. In many cases, I drowned withers and tufts that make the terrain uneven and difficult to maintain later.

Application of drought-resistant grasses and the various grass seed for dry areas.

This type of ryegrass is highly valued by all professional landscapers and hobbyists who want to create a lawn with less effort in terms of watering.

The Lawn seeds for dry areas are suitable for weeding houses and huts in the mountains, country ranches, park areas, around highways and roads of the entire national road network, when weeding around dams, rivers, forest bungalows, around camper parks, caravan parks, etc. Not infrequently, hotels, guest houses under European programs, green areas around various types of production workshops, factories, tailings and tailings storage facilities, gas stations, storage bases, methane stations, gas pipelines, gas stations, etc. are grassed.