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Grass mixture Flower meadow with seeds of summer forest flowers and highly aromatic Blumenwiese herbs

Grass mixture Flower meadow with seeds of summer forest flowers and highly aromatic Blumenwiese herbs
Grass mixture Flower meadow with seeds of summer forest flowers and highly aromatic Blumenwiese herbs
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Online garden and home catalog offers its regular and new customers a different grass mixture with varietal seeds of forest flowers with added aromatic plants, which has no analog on the market in our country.

This unique mixture is a real mix that contains more than 38 types of forest flowers, spices, and grass species and ensures constant flowering and a unique effect in your garden from early spring to autumn without interruption.

There is no need to mow in this mix of grasses and wildflowers. The height of the different species in the mix reaches a maximum of 60 cm.

The manufacturer of the mixture of aromatic flower seeds is the German concern Freudenberger, which is among the world leaders in the industry in the production and promotion of professional grass and other mixtures.

Sowing the seeds of the Blumenwiese fragrant flower grass mixture is done in the same way as with standard grass mixtures - you spread the seed evenly, dig in, mulch and water.

The Blumenwiese seed mix is ​​drought-resistant, so it is largely undemanding both to the soil in which it will be planted and to regular watering. Just watering and fertilizing them regularly is enough to turn your home, garden or yard into an unearthly landscape that is constantly blooming and changing with the seasons.

The high decorative qualities of this German flower mix are due not only to the freshness, constant flowering, and beautiful colors but also to the rich aroma of these flowers, which are fragrant everywhere from early spring to late autumn and attract honey bees with their nectar-rich flowers. butterflies and various insects feed on nectar.

Cut: 275 g.
Sowing rate: For 40 square meters use 275 grams or 7 g/sq.m.
Wading Endurance: Low Endurance.
Illumination of the field: It tolerates both sun and semi-shade well.
Watering Need: Regular watering without overwatering.
Mowing features: Do not mow.
Soil conditions: Fertile draining soil.
Cold hardy: The plants in the mix are hardy for our conditions.
Leaf Characteristics:-
Suitable fertilizers: Liquid fertilizers for flowering plants and fertilizers for lawns.
Sowing period: From the end of March to the end of June or September - October.
Seeding Depth: Sow as standard grass mixes. The seeds are spread evenly and buried or covered with a thin layer of soil (about 1 cm).
Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, not below 5 degrees Celsius.
Germination Period: For a different period of time depending on the species. Usually about two to three weeks.


Flower types:

0.80% Cheiranthus cheiri - Yellow Shiboy
0.80% Leucanthemum vulgare - Common daisy
0.75% Silene dioica - Silene dioica
0.75% Coriandrum sativum - Coriander
1.00% Cosmos bipinnatus - Garden cosmos
0.75% Daucus carota - Wild carrot
0.25% Echium vulgare - Common viper
0.80% Eschscholzia californica - California poppy
1.00% Foeniculum vulgare - Slice (head fennel)
0.50% Antirrhinum majus - Puppy
0.70% Alyssum maritimum - Alyssum white
0.70% Calendula officinalis - Calendula
0.50% Centaurea jacea - Meadow cornflower
0.80% Papaver rhoeas - Field poppy
0.25% Linum grandiflorum - Large-flowered flax
0.80% Consolida regalis - Common ralica
0.16% Viola tricolor - Tricolor violet
0.70% Chrysanthemum segetum - Yellow chrysanthemum
0.40% Silene vulgaris - Widespread grasshopper
0.25% Achillea millefolium - Yarrow
0.90% Agrostemma githago - Common knotweed
0.80% Anthemum graveolens - Fennel
0.75% Anthriscus sylvestris - Forest azmatsuk
0.80% Borago officinalis - Borage (cucumber grass)
0.75% Carum carvi - Caraway
1.10% Centaurea cyanus - Blue cornflower
0.25% Centaurea scabiosa - Centaurea

Grass types:

2.00% Agrostis capillaris HIGHLAND - Agrostis (common vole)
1.00% Anthoxanthum odoratum - Common stinkweed (scented grass)
5.00% Arrhenatherum elatius ARONE - French ryegrass (oat grass)
1.00% Briza media - Common teardrop
4.00% Bromus erectus - Bromus erectus
10.00% Festuca trachyphylla RIDU - Fescue
10.00% Festuca rubra rubra REVERENT - Red Fescue
5.00% Festuca rubra com. SW CYQNUS - Red fescue
15.00% Phleum pratense RASANT - Meadow timothy
15.00% Poa pratensis BALIN - Meadow panicle
2.00% Trifolium incarnatum - Dark red clover (incarnate clover)

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