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The elegant Dichondra repens seeds for yard and garden

The elegant Dichondra repens seeds for yard and garden
The elegant Dichondra repens seeds for yard and garden
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In the online catalog we offer our regular and new customers varietal seeds from the unique plant Dichondra repens. This indispensable grass substitute grows freely wherever mowing is difficult or impossible. Dichondra repens does not need mowing, care for it is minimal, at the same time it grows beautifully, with pleasant green color and tender leaves, forms a beautiful grassy lawn and withstands normally the changing climatic conditions in our country, which are characterized by heat in summer and cold in winter.

This broad-leaved perennial somewhat resembles the widespread White Clover, but unlike it, it thrives without mowing. Dichondra repens seeds are a successful substitute not only for different types of clover but also for any ryegrass, being indispensable in weeding the most inaccessible areas of any terrain. It is planted regularly in the corner places of yards, behind houses, on the impossible-to-mow sections of the properties, and under walls of fences and homes.

However, people have discovered countless other ways to utilize the qualities of this beautiful and unpretentious plant. It is widely used in the construction of the innovative vertical landscaping of office buildings, hotel complexes, residences, spa complexes, restaurant and golf complexes, prestigious sports clubs, public buildings, and even private homes. It can even be grown successfully in boxes, planters and pots or used to weed roof spaces and turn them into lush gardens in the middle of the city.

Despite virtually no need to be mowed, this versatile grass substitute produces a thick and dense, deep green grass that makes it widely used and preferred for grassing across the country and across Europe.

The only damage to the Dichondra repens plant can occur during the long and cold winter months when sub-zero temperatures persist for too long. Then it is possible for the leaves of this grass substitute to freeze partially or completely, but because of its extremely strong and vibrant root system. Dichondra repens literally rising to a new life in the spring and is once again as vibrant, green-leaved and pleasing to the eye.

Specialists from our online store have always recommended Dichondra repens seeds to their customers, which is popular and used not only by professional gardeners and landscape architects and designers, but also by amateurs.

Pakeg: 100 g.
Sowing rate: For 10 square meters - 100 grams.
Wading resistance: Weak.
Illumination of the terrain: Thrives in partial shade and sun.
Need for watering: It needs regular watering and moist soil.
Features of mowing: There is no need for regular mowing, if necessary 1-2 times a year.
Soil conditions: Fertile and well-drained soil.
Resistance to low temperatures: High resistance to our climate changes. However, in colder winters there is a risk of frost on the foliage and partially on the roots.
Leaf characteristics: Brittle and tender to the touch with a white clover-like shape.
Suitable Fertilizers: Fertilize regularly with standard lawn fertilizers.
Sowing period: From the second half of March to June.
Sowing depth: About half a centimeter deep.
Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, but not below 5 degrees Celsius.
Germination period: Two weeks.


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