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Lawn seeds for sun and dry areas

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Garden catalog presents its category for specialized Lawn seeds for sun and dry areas, suitable for different types of sunny places.

Dry and sun grass seeds are among the most commonly used in professional landscaping and park and garden design. They are a mixture of different varieties of Lawn seeds for sun and dry areas that have a high resistance to all-day sunshine.

In this part of the garden catalog, we will present you with selected professional high-quality Lawn seeds for sun and terrains, with which you will achieve a dense and extremely dense carpet of grass. The lawn seeds that are presented in this part of the store are of guaranteed origin and excellent seed quality, and through them, you can easily create lawns with a high decorative effect.

Ryegrass for sunny grounds, which you can buy here at reasonable prices, is used by professional gardeners in the landscaping of hotels, private courtyards, diplomatic residences, rest stations, guest houses of European design, parking lots for agricultural machinery, warehouses, production factories for paint, fittings, etc. elements.

Sun and drought grass mixes are a seed stock that is valued when establishing lawns at high altitudes. They contain varieties of grass that have a very high cold resistance, which makes them suitable for creating decorative gardens around mountain huts, hotel complexes, apartment blocks, villas, houses in the mountains, etc.

How do you sow Lawn seeds for sun and dry areas?

Ryegrass for the sun is sown and you need to prepare the soil in the garden beforehand. This means clearing the soil of various types of weeds, stones, large lumps, etc. It is good if you suspect that the soil is not rich enough in nutrients to fertilize it with professional fertilizers for ryegrass and lawns.

After cleaning the soil, it needs to be well dug and leveled. Leveling is done mechanized with weeding machines or manually using a regular garden rake.

If you have tilled the soil with a tiller, it is good to roll several times with a garden roller before sowing the grass seeds for the sun. This is done to compact the soil that swells after deep tillage.
The rolling and leveling operations with a rake are successively carried out two to three times until the soil in the garden is well compacted and all irregularities are smoothed out.

Attention! It is extremely important for tillage when weeding with Lawn seeds for dry and sunny areas that all operations are carried out in dry weather and on dry soil. Otherwise, you will not be able to correctly align and sow the seeds.

Once the soil has been leveled it is good to fertilize with mineral long-acting fertilizers for ryegrass (see our suggestions depending on the area you are grassing), first passing with the garden rake to slightly loosen the surface layer of the soil.

The next operation is to distribute the grass mixture for the sun evenly over the entire prepared area. This part of the weеding is extremely important for the proper landscaping of the garden. The distribution of the seed can be done manually or by specialized seed drills.

When manually weeding with ryegrass for dry and sunny terrain, it is good to divide the area to be greened into smaller sections in advance and to divide the grass seed into equal parts. This makes dosing much easier. The rate varies from 250 g to 1.5 kg per 40 sq.m depending on the varieties used in the production of the grass mixture.

To achieve a faster initial effect, you can increase the rate specified by the manufacturer by 10-20%. It is important when buying grass mixtures for the sun to allow a certain amount of seed for sowing. This is very important when weeding large areas. With them, after the first mowing, it becomes clear where there are empty places where you can add some more seeds.

After the distribution of the grass mixture, the operation of burying the seed and subsequent valuing follows.

Attention! After the activities of sowing the Lawn seeds for sun and dry areas, spray the entire area with preparation with/in ants. After spraying for ants, do not water for several hours.