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Grass seed mixture for lawn repair and restoration Rapid

Grass seed mixture for lawn repair and restoration Rapid
Grass seed mixture for lawn repair and restoration Rapid

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The online catalog for seeds offers a professional grass seed mixture for lawn repair and restoration of damaged grass areas, known also as fast-growing grass Landscaper Pro Rapid.

Rapid’s composition combines selected seeds with very fast germination rates and the capabilities to form a thick, dense lawn. Its leaves grow rigid and strong despite their fine and delicate appearance. The grass-seed mixtures are compatible with many other kinds of grass. It is a common practice to seed different combinations of grass seeds based on the fast-growing Rapid grass.

The professional grass mixture is developed especially for lawn restoration thanks to its capabilities to grow very fast and to form a dense grass carpet. The grass carpet is lush and appealing. This grass mixture is appreciated for its uniform foliage texture which blends perfectly with almost all kinds of grass.

Its fast-growing capabilities and the ability to form a dense grass carpet are highly appraised features by professionals in landscaping and horticulture as well as by gardening enthusiasts.

The fast-growing repair grass Rapid forms strong roots that grow deep and contribute to the overall grass’ drought hardiness. The grass is more adaptable even in conditions with insufficient watering and less fertile soils. This series of fast-growing grass is appropriate for both, sunny and partially shaded areas. 

The fast restoration lawn repair grass Rapid is widely used for erosion control purposes because of its unique and specific features. It is grown on slopes, cliffs, escarpments and other terrains with a high risk of landslides and collapse of earth mass. Its capabilities to grow exclusively straight and fast and to form well-developed roots are the reasons why the lawn repair grass Rapid forms a strong dense grass covering that improves the soil stabilization in the seeded terrains.

The seeds have a special coating, patented by the company producer – Smart Start. This biodegradable coating of the seeds of the restoration grass mixture Landscaper Pro Rapid absorbs the moisture of the environment and increases its weight almost 500 times. It wraps the seeds with a specific gel. This is the reason why the seeds germinate sooner, and the grass grows so fast and strong.

Although this kind of grass can be used for decoration purposes, Rapid has been developed especially for restoration and landscaping. The fast-growing grass is evergreen, drought resistant, and cold hardy which makes it appropriate for the local climate conditions. At the same time, the grass foliage is aesthetic with delicate leaves in vibrant green color which makes it a preferred choice by many landscapers in our country.

The specialists in our online shop always recommend the fast-growing lawn repair grass for restoration Rapid to those who want to achieve fast and effective results. It is appropriate for new lawns as well as for the restoration of grass covering at various places with landscaping.

Packet: 5 kg

Seeding rate: 1 kg per 30-35 sq. m. (5 kg is enough for the restoration of a lawn as big as 165 sq. m.)

Resistance to wear: Medium.

Sunlight requirement: Grows well in sun and shade.

Watering: Regular watering especially during the summer.

Mowing requirements: Mow at a height from 2 to 4 cm.

Soil type: Sandy has fertile soil, but it tolerates poorer soils as well.

Cold hardiness: High cold resistance, it is an evergreen grass.

Foliage texture: Fine leaves texture with a nice decorative effect. It blends perfectly with most grass mixtures grown in Bulgaria.

Recommended fertilizers: Use a new ryegrass fertilizer on damaged lawns. Continue fertilizing with a professional long-lasting fertilizer.

The optimal time for seeding: From the middle of March till May and in September-October.

Seeding depth: within 1 cm of the soil surface.

Optimal Soil temperature for seeding: At 15-25 degrees. Never seed when temperatures are below 5 degrees Celsius.

Period of germination: From 4 to 10 days.

Seed mixture components:

Pasture ryegrass (Lolium Perenne) – 75%

Red fescue (Festuca Rubra Rubra) – 15 %

Meadow panicle (Poa Pratensis hybrid) – 10 % (Smart Start)

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