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Long acting combined npk fertilizers for grass and lawns - Maintenance 24-5-12

Long acting combined npk fertilizers for grass and lawns - Maintenance 24-5-12
Long acting combined npk fertilizers for grass and lawns - Maintenance 24-5-12

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This combined professional lawn fertilizer with controlled release Maintenance 24-5-12, enables treated areas to be fed evenly throughout their development cycle.

With just one application, NPK lawn fertilizers provide a longer impact lasting between two and three months without reducing their effectiveness on grass species.

To begin with, long-acting fertilizers that save money, time, and effort are widely preferred by professional gardeners around the world. This is because, unlike other classes of fertilizers, they work continuously over a period of several months without the need for periodic feeding of the lawn in sunny, shady, or dappled shade areas.

In addition, they are safer to use compared to other compound fertilizers that have an instant effect.

With this class of combined NPK fertilizers Maintenance 24-5-12, there is no danger of over-fertilizing your lawns (if of course, you observe the specified dosage norms and period of action). The multi-layer granule protects plants from burning when in contact with it. You no longer need to worry about depriving your lawn of the nutrients so vital to its growth.

They are long-lasting and nourish lawns in all types of soil, which can be found all over Bulgaria. They guarantee the absence of peaks and troughs in grass growth caused by the lack of nutrients, precisely because of the controlled release effect.

Lawns fertilized with this Maintenance 24-5-12 Granular Fertilizer will have healthy and shiny leaves and strong roots that develop deep. The grass clippings look fresh and thicken faster because they are balanced and nourished and will form a perfectly grassy terrain. By fertilizing with long-acting combined NPK fertilizers, grass and lawns will acquire a more uniform color that is deep green and has an excellent aesthetic long-lasting effect.

The long-term experience of the team of our online catalog for home and gardens indicates that the fertilizer is suitable for basic feeding of areas covered with different types of grass.

These Maintenance 24-5-12 compound fertilizers are used successfully in the maintenance of yards, gardens, parks, and lawns for decorative purposes, stadium complexes, playgrounds, green areas around swimming pools, commercial establishments, hotel complexes, gas stations, hospitals or lawns around restaurants. They are used by professional gardeners and amateurs in all corners of the country, where they are successfully used to nourish grass carpets.

Because it contains more nitrogen, this Maintenance 24-5-12 npk fertilizer is especially recommended for spring and summer fertilization programs. Its use in this period can give a powerful start to grassy areas exhausted during the winter months. By treating the green areas only once, you will see for yourself the effect of this fertilizer, which is visible very quickly, and its action continues without weakening for several months, nourishing the grass effectively.

You can use these long-acting combined fertilizers for any type of ryegrass and other types of ornamental grasses, at any time of the year and anywhere, according to the experience of the specialists from our online catalog for gardens and home

Package: 15 kg.
Duration of action: From two to three months.
Application and dosage: For 1 square meter - 35 grams. The 15 kg package is sufficient for fertilizing lawns up to 420 square meters in size.
Content: Nitrogen /24%/, Phosphorus /5%/, Potassium /12%/.
If you are looking for NPK compound fertilizers for grass and lawns that are of the highest quality, then we are pleased to introduce the Dutch fertilizer - Maintenance 24-5-12. These quality granular fertilizers are designed for basic maintenance and are part of the rich catalog of our online catalog for gardening and home, which always tries to offer the best products in the industry to its customers.

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