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Professional lawn fertilizer for summer fertilizing and lawns under stressful conditions - Stress Сontrol 16-5-22

Professional lawn fertilizer for summer fertilizing and lawns under stressful conditions - Stress Сontrol 16-5-22
Professional lawn fertilizer for summer fertilizing and lawns under stressful conditions - Stress Сontrol 16-5-22

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It is characteristic of Professional lawn fertilizer for summer that when fertilized with it, has a long-lasting effect on the grass of the order of several months. During all this time, the summer lawn fertilizer nourishes the areas with precisely the amounts of nutrients determined for their needs and supports their development through all phases of growth.

This property is useful for gardeners, because with this Stress Control 16-5-22 Dutch fertilizer, the lawn will not need to be fertilized every month, saving time, work, and money from this otherwise labor-intensive and not particularly cheap activity.

Landscaper Pro Stress Сontrol 16-5-22 professional summer fertilizing lawn fertilizer nourishes all types of grass mixtures - those containing ryegrass, fescue, clover, agrostis, cultivated sedge, and more.

In addition, lawns treated with this fertilizer grow evenly and form an attractive grass cover with a uniform green color and a fresh appearance.

Thanks to its specific formula with a long-lasting effect and uniform nutrition, this type of lawn fertilizer have a beneficial effect on both the root system and the above-ground parts of the grass. The roots strengthen and penetrate deep into the soil, and the grass mass strengthens and is uniform, dense and shiny.

The growth itself is uniform and balanced, thanks to the characteristic action of the fertilizers Landscaper Pro Stress Сontrol 16-5-22, which does not exhaust the crops with stress suppression or acceleration of their growth rates.

Specialists from our online catalog recommend using the Landscaper Pro Stress Сontrol 16-5-22 grass fertilizer for fertilizing lawns of any type and purpose during the summer period or during stressful conditions associated with sudden changes in temperatures: the end of spring - early summer. The professional granulated grass fertilizer can also be used for fertilizing in late autumn - early winter.

Slow-release fertilizers can be freely used in areas throughout the country, on any type of soil characteristic of our country.

Green spaces fertilized with Landscaper Pro Stress Сontrol 16-5-22 fertilizers are more resistant to rising or falling temperatures. Fertilizer helps the grass species obtain nutrients and helps them to be more drought tolerant than is usual for the variety.

The fertilizer for lawns can be used to feed all varieties of ryegrass, which have different purposes and applications, as well as all types of ornamental grasses.

These fertilizers are easy and convenient to work with, no special knowledge is required. It is enough to follow the instructions on the packaging or the advice of the specialists from our online store, so that your green areas are healthy, durable and beautiful.

Packege: 15 kg.
Duration of action: About three months.
Application and dosage: For 1 square meter - 35 grams. The 15 kg package is enough to fertilize 420 square meters.
Content: Nitrogen /16%/, Phosphorus /5%/, Potassium /22%/.
Online store offers in its catalog a quality professional lawn fertilizer for summer fertilizing - Landscaper Pro Stress Сontrol 16-5-22. This mineral fertilizer has a controlled release and is designed to fertilize the lawn during the summer months of the year, as well as at any time when there are sharp temperature differences between day and night temperatures.

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