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Delicious Brussels sprouts seeds

Packing / number of seeds: 8 g. Sowing rate: 60 to 70 grams of Brussels sprout seed per ..
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Under this category on our online seeds catalog, you will find a wide assortment of carefully selected varieties of seeds of delicious and healthy Brussels sprouts. A great vegetable packed with many beneficial substances, it is cultivated in huge quantities in Brussels, Belgium, from where it gets its name and is popular in the USA and Europe, where it is considered the perfect delicacy.

Brussels sprouts are one of the bright representatives of the Cruciferous family, which also includes other cabbage crops, such as cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. It has an upright, non-branching plant that produces nearly 90 small and fragile fruits. Its leaves are large and strong, and it is in their axils that the cabbage buds are formed, which are small cabbages. Their size reaches 2.5 - 5 cm, they are colored in an appetizing green color, and have a very pleasant taste.

Brussels sprouts come in two varieties - low and high variety. The tall one is characterized by a plant that reaches a height of up to 100 cm, and the low one - is up to 60 cm.

The culture is biennial and cold-resistant. Forms small sprouts in the second year at temperatures up to 6-7°C.

Cabbage culture has a wide culinary application. With its delicious taste and rich nutritional content, it is no surprise to anyone. In fact, Brussels sprouts occupy one of the first places among foods of plant origin. Miniature cabbages are so useful that they supply the body with much-needed iron and vitamin C. Good sources of Vitamin B2, mineral salts, fiber, carotene, sodium, potassium, proteins, carbohydrates, and essential oils.

The characteristic of Brussels sprouts is also its low-calorie deficit. 100 grams contain 36 calories. With its low-calorie content, Brussels sprouts rank among other cabbage crops as a perfect dietary and healthy addition to a varied diet.

Only green cabbages are edible. If you come across a vegetable that is injured or yellow in color, do not eat it. Another important condition for tasty cabbages is that they are firm to the touch.

They are relatively easy to prepare. It is important to peel the top layer of the cabbage and then wash it. With their small size, you can make a salad with the whole miniature cabbages or cut them in half, depending on your preference. A wonderful addition to their delicate taste is lemon (or lemon juice). Brussels sprouts were also very successfully combined with olive oil, garlic, and nutmeg.

A wonderful example of their good combination is the following easy and very tasty dish, for which you need about a kilogram of small cabbages, lemon juice, oil, two or three cloves of garlic, and salt.

Zucchini should be pre-boiled in salted water until soft enough. During this time, you combine the rest of the ingredients - the butter must melt, and the garlic cloves must be crushed and mixed together with the lemon juice. After the cabbages are ready, they are drained, placed in a suitable container, and seasoned with the already prepared irresistible dressing.