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Grass seed mixtures for lawns

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A specialized garden catalog Semenata org offers all customers a category with high-quality Grass seed mixtures for lawns for the construction of different purpose lawns.

Grass seed mixtures for lawns are among the most popular types of seed for weeding gardens and yards. They can be single-component or multi-component mixtures.

The single-component ones contain only one type of grass (ordinary ryegrass or different types of wheatgrass with characteristics similar to ryegrass - agrostis, cultivated reed, various types of cornflower, fescue, etc.).

The other types are often more effective and more commonly used by professional gardeners with multi-component Grass seed mixtures for lawns. The name grass mixes come from the way they are produced. In order to produce them, several types of wheatgrass are mixed, which have a definition of quality depending on the purpose of the living lawn.

The species in the grass mixture can have a certain leaf width, certain leaf color, and even the presence of gloss (this is especially valued in professional grass mixtures for the construction of large stadiums and specific luxury pitches).

When creating seed material for the construction of sports fields, golf courses, basketball courts, field hockey, tennis courts, tarball courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, outdoor fitness, etc. cereal grasses are added to the grass mixtures, which are resistant to heavy loads and have good regeneration. This is of particular importance for the easy maintenance of the stadium or sports ground, as well as for its decorative effect.

For the landscaping of luxurious gardens in presidential residences, five-star hotels, restaurants, wineries, wine cellars, hotel complexes, gated residential complexes, luxurious private courtyards, etc. grass mixtures are used, which have extremely high decorative qualities. For their production, certain varieties of grasses are used, which have a luster, a rich olive green color, high density, and uniformity of color in the formation of a grass carpet.

In addition to sports fields and luxury lawns, there are also different types of grass mixtures for dry fields. Certain types of grass are added to them, which always have a coarser leaf structure, wider leaves, and stronger root systems. This gives established lawns a particular resilience to drought and drought periods of varying change. This type of mixed grass is extremely popular for landscaping various types of terrain that are subject to systematic or partial drought - private villas, summer guest houses, seaside resorts, alpine huts, rest centers, dairies, gas stations, gas stations, processing plants, public parks and gardens, lawns around highways and roads of the republican road network, tailings ponds, landfills, roof gardens, offices and office - buildings, malls, hypermarkets, large shopping centers, around outdoor markets, around block spaces, around residential buildings and properties, etc.

One of the most popular grass mixes is the so-called universal type. These are seed materials for building lawns that are resistant to different environmental conditions – most often alternating shady and sunny places, short droughts, unfavorable soil conditions, poor nutrient availability, etc. Generally, universal grass mixtures are used by gardening enthusiasts for grassing private yards and gardens, but not infrequently, professional landscapers and landscape architects resort to them, especially when landscaping terrains with more specific needs.

Last but not least are all types of mixtures used to build yards and gardens subject to more or less shading. These mixtures use cereal grass species that can withstand favorable shading for short periods of time. Note that shade mixes are not shaded-loving, but shade tolerant. However, they are the plants that need sunlight to photosynthesize and develop normally (thicken and get a good decorative effect). To create three carpets with an excellent decorative effect, the shade mixtures need at least 5 hours of sunny green per day. Otherwise, the lawn becomes loose and is gradually lost.

With this brief information, you hope to get an idea of ​​what this herb mixture is and what the advantages are over the composition and for creating different types of lawns. In this way, everyone could easily make their choice according to the terrain they wish to grass.

In addition to different types of grass seed mixtures for lawns, in this part of the Semenata ORG garden catalog, we will also present a number of plants that are successfully used as grass substitutes.

One of the most popular substitutes for Grass seed mixtures for lawns is undoubtedly white clover. It is highly valued for landscaping due to many of its qualities - it does not require as much care as the grass mixture, it is relatively more drought-resistant than the increased standard grasses, and last but not least, there are super short varieties that are mowed extremely rarely - from once a month to once every two months. This greatly reduces the efforts and costs of maintaining the lawns, and at the same time creates a lawn that has a slightly different and closer to natural meadows decorative effect.

In addition to white clover, seeds of red clover are also used to build lawns (it has red blooms and combines well with white clover, forming an interesting flowering meadow), as well as the exotic dichondra plant. An advantage of dichondra is that it is one of the few grass plants that does not require mowing, which saves a lot of effort and maintenance.

In this part of the catalog for homes and gardens, we will try to present professional types of grass mixtures that are of proven origin and high quality at reasonable prices. Most of the mixes you will find here are available in convenient hobby cuts of 500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, or the professional cuts for industrial weeding of 25 kg.

All specialized grass mixtures that are offered here can be delivered by the courier company to Sofia, Razgrad, Dobrich, Pleven, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Yambol, Kozloduy, Shumen, Haskovo, Stara Zagora, Varna, Dimitrovgrad, Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Bankya, Pernik, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Lom, Vidin, Burgas, Sunny Beach, Primorsko, Kiten, Sozopol, Golden Sands, etc.