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Low-growing white clover lawn seeds - Micro-clover

Low-growing white clover lawn seeds - Micro-clover
Low-growing white clover lawn seeds - Micro-clover
Low-growing white clover lawn seeds - Micro-clover
Low-growing white clover lawn seeds - Micro-clover
Low-growing white clover lawn seeds - Micro-clover
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Online quality seeds catalog offers all its customers a uniquely beautiful low-growing white clover lawn seed - Micro-clover, super micro low and dense with less frequent mowing compared to ordinary white clover. If you are looking for a super short clover to decorate planters, and borders and create beautiful lawns overflowing with delicate white flowers, we definitely recommend this landscaping option. The seeds are very easy to sow (like standard grass seeds) as only 100 g of super micro white clover seeds cover 10 square meters of area.

This beautiful Low-growing clover (Micro-clover) is an ideal solution for any garden where watering is not a problem, but you are looking for the effect of not intensive mowing. Yes, trampling resistant and can be mowed less often than regular white low-growing clover, but no more than once every 45 days with a more powerful mower. This is our specialty offering of Nano Dwarf Clover in Italian packaging! The special low-white clover with super micro leaves is very soft and pleasant to the touch. It is suitable for building areas around pools and corners with low flowers.

Undemanding to soils, this white clover can be sown from early spring to early summer. Your second opportunity to sow nano clover is from early fall to early winter (depending on average daily temperatures). It grows best in sunny or slightly shaded areas. Low-height white Clover with white flowers is lower than Low White Clover and even lower than Standard White Clover. Very easy to maintain even by non-professionals. An excellent honey plant and a complete forage for bees and snails.

With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your clover for between 10 and 15 years. A super micro clover nano grass mix with white flowers is suitable for use in any sunny yard where regular watering can be provided. If you want to create a non-standard yard with soft and delicate leaves, suitable for ball games, then choose this option.

The interesting, Low-growing white clover lawn seed mix Nanissimo is ideal for creating carpets of color bathed in white blooms (when in bloom, this super micro clover is awash with white blooms). Suitable for wedding restaurants, cafes, hotels, decorative indoor gardens, home yards, decorative planters, etc.

Content: 100% super Low-growing white clover lawn seeds (Trifoglio Nanissimo Bianco: 90% Avalon + 10% Rivendel)

Cut: 100 g (for 10 sq.m) and 500 g (for 50 sq.m)

Sowing rate: It's amazing how only 100 g of super micro leaf nano white clover seeds cover 10 square meters, so with one kilogram, you cover 100 square meters.

Tread resistance: The Trifoglio Nanissimo is very low and tread-resistant. It is suitable for creating sports fields, and home gardens, you can even cultivate it in pots and decorate borders.

Field Light: Sow Super Micro Low Leaf Nano Clover seeds in locations with 6-8 hours of sun. It is not recommended to grow clover in shady areas.

Watering Requirement: The requirement to provide watering conditions is to water the nano white clover with low super micro leaves regularly. The amount with which Nanissimo white clover is watered depends on the season, soil and climatic conditions. It is recommended to water between 5 - 15 liters per 1 sq.m per day.

Mowing Features: Super Micro Clover can be mowed weekly or at most once a month and a half with a more powerful mower. You can now very low at around 1-2 cm. If you are looking for grass without mowing - Dichondra repens seeds are the solution for you.

Soil Conditions: This Nano Micro Clover Grass Mix is ​​not particularly picky about soil conditions. But it grows best on well-draining soils.

Resistance to low temperatures: White clover with super micro leaves is winter hardy and evergreen in Bulgaria. Perennial low nano clover is perfect for weeding yards and gardens that are inhabited year-round or for the weekend (but with the ability to water).

Leaf characteristics: Very fine and tender, fresh and green leaves. Soft and pleasant to the touch.

Suitable Fertilizers: Fertilize with low-nitrogen fertilizers. Fertilization with potassium and phosphorus fertilizers is recommended.

Sowing period: Sow from early spring to late autumn (March - October) depending on weather conditions. Avoid weeding on hot summer days or July - August.

Sowing depth: In clay soils, it is best to sow the low white super micro leaf clover shallower at about 1 cm - 1.5 cm. If your soil is sandy, sow about 2 cm deep.

Soil temperature at sowing: Sow the seeds at 15 - 25 degrees Celsius. We do not recommend sowing below 5 degrees Celsius.

Germination period: The seeds germinate extremely quickly in about a week - two. 

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