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Cherry red tomato seeds from Italy - great taste

Cherry red tomato seeds from Italy - great taste
Cherry red tomato seeds from Italy - great taste
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The online catalog for tomato seeds will provide you with information on the variety of Italian vegetable seeds in the following lines. They are part of the rich assortment that we have in our vegetable catalog. Seeds of thornless varieties of cherry tomatoes red. The clue in the name is "cherry". As you can probably guess, these are a small variety of tomatoes grown in a thornless way. They do not need poles for support, because they have low-growing stems (determinant).

The special thing about cherries in this particular case is that growing them for drying is a suitable option.

Your worry about getting wooden poles can disappear now, grow Red Cherry in boxes or containers suitable for flowers.

Everyone has encountered this attractive type of tomato. Their tiny fruits will always find a use, even outside of cooking. Decoration with their presence in decorative places is completely possible. Red sweet little things attract with their great saturated color and the multitude of fruits. The numbers of one bud are impressive - from 80 to 90 pieces. You can fill a whole bowl from one inflorescence.

They are known as drying tomatoes, but when you want to add variety and beauty to your garden, they are your trump card.

By sowing them next to the bed of spices and herbs, they will be close to you and you will often pass by them.

In addition to aromatic spices, you can also head to your corner with flowers.

Cherry will look original and natural with this option. Beautiful and brightly colored, they will add uniqueness to the flower bed.

World-class arrangers resort to the help of sweet tomatoes.

Imagine boxes and different flower pots with Red Cherry on roofs, in offices, home gardens, as interiors of extravagant establishments, and many other options.

Red Cherry seedless tomatoes for fresh consumption and drying are the perfect reason to put a smile on children's faces. Fun and appetizing small fruits delight the little ones in every way.

Red Cherry seed can be sown for early, mid or late tomato yields. You will get early tomato varieties by sowing in January and February. You get average tomato yields when sowing in March, if you sow in April and May, you will get numerous fruits as a late harvest.

Cut / number of seeds: 1.25 g (about 312 - 437 seeds of seedless varieties of red cherry tomatoes in one package).
Sowing rate: From 25 to 30 grams of seeds per acre.
Sowing period: For early harvest - January and February, middle - March, and late April.
Planting period: Early April.
Cultivation scheme: The best is a two-row scheme without stakes - 120/40 x 20 cm. They can also be grown with stakes in a single row with a scheme of 80-120/35-45 cm. The stakeless varieties of red cherry are suitable for growing outdoors, in boxes, and in greenhouse buildings made of polyethylene film for greenhouses.
Characteristics of the fruit: The seedless varieties of cherry tomatoes are round in size, about 15 - 20 g. average weight, thin skin, extremely tasty, highly aromatic, and very juicy. 

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