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Cherry tomato seeds yellow type Cassis F1 - perfect for pots and boxes

Cherry tomato seeds yellow type Cassis F1 - perfect for pots and boxes
Cherry tomato seeds yellow type Cassis F1 - perfect for pots and boxes

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The variety seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes Cassis F1 are among the most attractive offers in the rich vegetable seeds catalog of our catalog semenata org online.

The mini tomato variety has been specially selected to be seen mainly in a pot, flower box, or another convenient container on the terrace or balcony. However, they can also be viewed outside in the garden or yard, as well as indoors in a conservatory or greenhouse.

The high aesthetic qualities of tomatoes make them preferred not only for consumption but also for diversifying gardens, beds, terraces, balconies, and verandas, for a roof garden or a winter garden.

They are also used for interesting and unusual interior solutions in private houses or in a villa, in a hotel complex or in an establishment, in a residence, or in a representative green area near a special building.

In addition to purely aesthetic value, the tomatoes of this yellow cherry mini variety have a juicy and tasty core, they are slightly tart and very aromatic, according to the experience of the specialists from the garden catalog team.

In cooking, tomatoes of the Cassis F1 yellow cherry type are almost never used for direct consumption - fresh, heat-treated or canned, precisely because of their incredibly small size.

Their application in cooking is similar to their application in the garden, namely to delight the eye of connoisseurs. Therefore, tomatoes are mainly used for the preparation of dressings of any type for various exotic hors d'oeuvres, main dishes, and various salads from our and especially from foreign cuisine.

According to the instructions in the catalog of the garden center Semenata Shop, the cherries in yellow type Cassis F1 are sown, and you need only 30 to 40 grams of seeds per acre.

In their early sowing, this is done in the period from the 20th day of January to the 25th day of February. With their mid-early sowing, it takes place from the 1st to the 30th of March. In the case of their late sowing, it is carried out from the 25th of April to the 10th of May.

They are transplanted according to the sowing period of their seeds.

At the same time, a distance of 80 to 120 centimeters must be left from row to row and from 35 to 45 centimeters from plant to plant in each of the rows.

They give a relatively rich harvest from July to September.

In a greenhouse or greenhouse, as well as outside, tomatoes are grown in rows and on stakes. They are also ideal for viewing in a pot or other container suitable for tomatoes. See more seeds of balcony cherry tomatoes.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.2 g. 50 - 70 pcs. cherry tomato blackcurrant yellow seeds for pot and terrace are available in one package.
Sowing rate: From 30 to 40 grams per hectare.
Sowing period: In its early sowing, January 20 - February 25, in the middle one from March 1 to 30, and in the late one from April 25 to May 10.
Planting period: According to the sowing period.
Cultivation scheme: Yellow cherry currant is grown in a pot or other container on the terrace by means of a prop. It can also be grown in the garden and yard, as well as indoors in greenhouses made of Israeli polyethylene for a greenhouse, also in stakes and rows in a scheme of 80-120/35 - 45 cm.
Vegetation: 65 - 75 days.
Fruit characteristics: Currant cherries F1 in the yellow form are extremely interesting fruits. They are spherical, much smaller than a standard cherry tomato - with an average weight of 5 - 10 g. The plant is loaded with fruits that are yellow in color, juicy, and very aromatic. They have a very pleasant sweet and sour taste.

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