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Supermini cherry tomato seeds Cassis Red F1 - tomatoes for the balcony

Supermini cherry tomato seeds Cassis Red F1 -  tomatoes for the balcony
Supermini cherry tomato seeds Cassis Red F1 - tomatoes for the balcony

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Online modern catalog for home and garden presents to its customers some extremely interesting supermini cherry tomato seeds Kasis Red F1 - super small and extravagant mini tomatoes - current type. They are tiny, tasty, and very attractive. They are likened to the fruit of the current.

Unique in appearance, these small sweet tomatoes are bright, red in color, rich, and numerous.

The round appetizing cherries Kasis Red F1 mini tomatoes are preferred because of the large number of fruits they produce and the uniquely small shape of the fruits. They are widely used in cooking.

Salads, garnishes, additions to main dishes, dressings, you can use them for whatever you think, Your table will be fresh and beautiful, thanks to them.

Professionally, culinary chefs also use Kasis Red F1 cherry tomatoes, which are natural given their attractive shape. Their taste is surprising. They are delicious with an aromatic tomato flavor.

Perfect for garnishing, unlike most cherry tomatoes, these are firm and can be served on sticks for garnishing bites, sandwiches, and appetizers.

You have a choice when growing Kasis Red F1 cherry tomatoes. You may decide to sow your cherry tomato seeds for early production, this should be done between January twentieth and February twenty-fifth. For medium sowing, sow them in the month of March, and for late harvest - from the twenty-fifth of April to the tenth of May.

When sowing, it is good to know the distances that are respected. When placing the seedlings in the soil outdoors or in a greenhouse or greenhouse, leave 80 to 120 centimeters between the revotes and 35 to 45 centimeters between the plants themselves. In this way, you will allow the tomatoes to develop well and please you with a good and high-quality yield. If you are growing your Cassis Red F1 cherry tomato seeds in a pot, choose a size of at least F30 and plant one plant in it. They can be grown on the balcony.

Speaking of cultivation, it is done outdoors, staked in rows or in greenhouses. Greenhouses can be both polyethylene and glass.

An important detail is the temperature needed for the germination of the Cassis Red F1 cherry tomato variety seeds. It should be at least 15 degrees Celsius. Also, keep the soil moist. Water regularly and sparingly.

Do the transplanting outdoors, making sure that the frosts have already passed. When the positive temperatures persist, you can already take out the sprouted young plants.

You can collect the ready small red cherry mini sweet tomatoes in the period July - September, it depends on the sowing you have chosen.

This variety is preferred not only by adults but also by small children because Cherry tomatoes look like red candies and are just as tasty and appetizing.

Despite its small form, like the tomatoes of the other larger tomato varieties, the mini cherry variety Cassis Cherveni F1 can also be preserved, and used for drying and pickling. Naturally, the best way of consumption remains fresh. See more vegetable modern seeds for home and garden – tasty red determinant tomato seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.2 g (50 - 70 seeds)
Sowing rate: From 30 to 40 grams per hectare.
Sowing period: Early - 20.01 - 25.02, middle - March, late - 25.04 - 10.05.
Planting period: End of April.
Cultivation scheme: Outdoors or greenhouses staked 80-120/35-45 cm. Grown in pots without stakes on the balcony.
Vegetation: 65 days. 
Characteristics of the fruit: Small fruits (similar in size to blackcurrants), many in number, deep red color, very juicy and aromatic with a pleasant refreshing tomato taste. Perfect for fresh consumption, decoration of dishes, and dressings. 

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