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Arugula plant seed disc Eruca Sativa

Arugula plant seed disc Eruca Sativa
Arugula plant seed disc Eruca Sativa

Our fast-growing online salads seeds catalog has included in its rich catalog a specially selected disc with arugula seeds, developed entirely for growing in pots or outdoors.

Our current and future customers can always choose from our catalog these seeds fixed on special discs with diameters of ten centimeters. The seed disc of Arugula, Eruca Sativa is placed on the soil in carefully selected suitable containers. As the best size of the vessel for the purpose is about fifteen centimeters. You can also sow several discs in larger containers to ensure proper plant development after the Arugula seeds have germinated.

Because of the discs, the sowing scheme is maximally simplified, fast, and easy, since the seeds are factory-fixed to them at optimal distances from each other, which also provides good conditions for plant development.

The disk itself is water-soluble and does not endanger either the plants or the soil in which the seeds originally fixed to it are sown.

The vegetable Arugula, Eruca Sativa grows perfectly indoors, sown in a suitable container, in a pot, box, or planter. It belongs to the green leafy vegetables and is highly valued by professional gardeners and amateurs who grow vegetables, flowers, and fruits in their yards and gardens, not only in our country but all over the world.

The useful vegetable is sown at the earliest in spring, in the period from the last days of March or from the first days of April. Arugula can be sown until September. There is no need for constant sunlight and for the proper development of the plant, it should be a maximum of four to five hours a day.

The vegetable Arugula, Eruca Sativa grows best in cool conditions, and the temperature range that is most suitable for its proper development is around 25 degrees Celsius. It is precisely for this reason that it is very important to determine in advance, evaluate and choose the best possible position in which you will permanently place the containers with the arugula disc seeds sown in them.

It is important for gardeners to keep in mind that the green vegetable likes moist soil all the time, and for this reason, it is good to water it regularly without overwatering, and in the greatest summer heat, this should be done every 24 or every 48 hours. So your Eruca Sativa arugula will not die from drying out.

The leaf mass of the well-kept arugula is fleshy and aromatic, saturated with vitamins such as A, C, and B, and with useful ingredients such as minerals, folic acid, and antioxidants. Arugula leaves are widely used to make a salad or sauce and are highly valued for their characteristic taste, dominated by pungency and slight bitterness. See more seeds from Goji Berry.

Cut/number of seeds: 1 pc. 10 cm Arugula seed disc.
Sowing rate: Depending on the size of the container you will put the paper disc in, you can use one or several packets.
Sowing period: All year round indoors.
Planting period: -.
Cultivation scheme: Sow one seed disc of Arugula, Eruca Sativa in one container (pot) up to 15 cm in size. If your container is larger than 20 cm, you can place two seed discs.
Vegetation: 30 - 45 days.
Fruit characteristics: Produces pungent and slightly bitter leaves and Arugula, Eruca Sativa is ideal for fresh salad consumption.

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