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Amphora pepper seeds - large and red capia variety

Amfora pepper seeds - large and red capia variety
Amphora pepper seeds - large and red capia variety
  • Model: OPAL413
  • Packing / number of seeds. – 1 gr. red pepper seeds Amphora
  • Sowing rate.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period: March-April indoors. May to May outdoors.
  • Sowing period: Late April, after danger of frost has passed.
  • For early, medium-early and late cultivation.
  • Vegetation: About 110 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Pale green at early stage, deep red at maturity. Fleshy and tasty about 18 cm long. Suitable for baking, freezing, canning and eating fresh.

Another addition to the online shop are seeds of Amphora red capia pepper with excellent taste. The variety is famous for its high yield, early, mid-early and late sowing is possible.

Amphora variety is successfully grown in our country. Useful and vitamin-rich peppers are recommended for fresh salad consumption. They can be canned and roasted. They have an excellent yield and are popular throughout Europe.

Amphora pepper seeds germinate quickly and have a high germination rate. Red capsicums are grown outdoors. Sowing the seeds of Amphora pepper is an essential step, important for the preparation of the seedlings. Watering and fertilizing increase yields and affect the quality of the produce.

A good option for seedling preparation is the use of greenhouse structures and greenhouse ones. Seedlings can also be prepared at home by placing Amphora seeds in suitable containers.

Grow the heat-loving Amphora variety for medium-early and late yields. The seeds of the caper pepper variety are sown in a specific temperature range. The temperature range required for the development of young vegetable plants is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. Degrees lower than these are not recommended when growing pepper.

In height, the Amphora variety reaches 50 to 70 centimetres. The caps are 16 to 18 centimetres long and weigh 100 to 110 grams. Their texture is fleshy. Amphora pepper is characterised by its appetising, deep red fruit.

The development of the fruit is as follows, pale green peppers at an early stage and deep red vegetables when fully ripe.

The vegetables have an excellent commercial appearance. The fruit is firm, sweet and glossy. This makes them a favourite with many vegetable growers, traders, import and export vegetable trade.

Peppers are most useful raw, so eat them mostly fresh, picked from the garden. You could fill them with cheese, for example. Quite a good option for a tasty and healthy meal. Salads are naturally the first preference when it comes to these vegetables. Combine them with other vegetables and you get a vitamin-packed, useful and appetizing meal.

Vegetarians and vegans, for example, often include peppers in their menu in their raw state. They are especially 'challenged' to try this very tasty red Amphora pepper for sandwiches and salad.

You can preserve the Amphora variety in your desired version for making winter vegetables. Roasting, stuffing and pickling are also options for cooking the variety. The frozen form of the vegetables is convenient for use in cooking a variety of dishes. Freeze in a freezer by cutting into small pieces - handy when making soups.

Another freezing option is to roast them first, then divide 5 to 6 bunches into bags and leave them in the freezer. Frozen this way, you can use them anytime you want to eat burek peppers or make homemade chutney in the bakery (a must with the delicious San Marzano tomato puree).

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