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Onion seeds

Packing / number of seeds: 1.5 g (300 - 375 Shives seeds in one pack) Sowing rate: 1 kg ..
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In this section of our online catalog for seeds for vegetables and fruits, you will be able to get acquainted with the many impressive varieties of one of the most useful vegetables that have earned a place of honor in cooking. A vegetable that makes up the majority of meals and at the same time cures many diseases. In this category, you will find a wide selection of Luca varietal seeds.

Onion is a collective name for all varieties that are part of this genus. Onions share many common external similarities, characterized by juicy and fleshy leaves that, depending on the variety, can be white or pink. They are dressed on a fine scale, in different colors - yellow, red, or white. The general taste characteristic of onions is the hot taste, which, depending on the variety, is distinguished by the degree of hotness.

For example, scallions are a very hot type, with a sharp smell, while red onions are much milder in taste. The red type is the type containing the highest amount of antioxidants. The types are also distinguished by their freshness, some are dry, some are semi-dry, and some are fresh.

The varieties of onions known in the world exceed 1200 in number, but in our country, the most common is about six - onion, red onion, spring onion (green onion), yellow onion, leek, and Siberian onion, the last one is the least common.

It is believed that the useful vegetable originated in Asia, and its cultivation began only at the beginning of the 17th century. However, its cultivation dates back to 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece. It is said that onions were held in such high esteem in Ancient Egypt that they were often buried with the dead in tombs, thus believing that they would ensure life after death.

The attention that this vegetable receives is enormous, and it is justified. Its composition is extremely rich in important vitamins and elements, and its health benefits are numerous.

Onions are provided with a solid amount of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin D, and vitamin K. It has trace elements - iron, calcium, and phytoncides. Phytoncides are a key ingredient because they have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

With these properties, onion has found a wide application on the skin. It is used for wounds, burns, and insect bites. It successfully soothes the skin and helps it recover quickly.

Regular consumption of onions is considered a successful means of cancer prevention. According to various studies, the consumption of onions and garlic can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

It also has a beneficial effect on the stomach, stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. The type that has the most pronounced influence on digestion is the onion. Its content contains essential oils that improve the entire process of digesting food in the body.