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Grass seeds for shady areas

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It often happens when building lawns that a certain part of the yard is a bit shadier than the others. There are many reasons - a large tree that casts a shadow, a fence, or a neighboring building, temporary buildings, trellises, pergolas, gazebos, temporary garden umbrellas, tents, etc. In this shaded place, ordinary grass mixtures suffer and fail to thicken, and sometimes even gradually disappear. This necessitates the use of special grass mixtures for shade and shady places.

These Grass seeds for shady areas are made up of special shade-tolerant grass varieties that, with less sunlight per day, manage to thicken and form a dense grass carpet in the problem area.

In this part of the Semenata online garden catalog we will introduce you to some of the hardiest types of Grass seeds for shady areas and partial shading, here you will find professional German grasses, shade ryegrass from Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands (Netherlands), France, etc. countries that are known for their high-quality seeds.

Characteristics of most grass mixtures for shady areas and details of their maintenance.

One of the most valuable qualities of this type of ryegrass is its shade tolerance. They need less sun per day to thicken and develop normally. Despite their shade tolerance, however, they are also plants and in order to photosynthesize, they need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. In shadier locations where the shade is a full day and shade mixes fail to thicken.

Shade grass mixes when properly maintained, forming a very dense turf. Their leaf structure is fine and quite tender. They have a very pleasant softness to the touch. For this reason, you should consider that they are not suitable for grassing places that will be intensively crowded, such as stadiums, sports fields, playgrounds, swimming pools, etc.

Shady ryegrasses are suitable for home use, you can easily walk through them or step on the grass carpet, but you should not step on them intensively. They have a weak regenerative ability.

It is important to know about growing the different types of grass for a shade that it is a type of grass that needs regular watering. The best option for optimal irrigation of shade grasses is to build an automated irrigation system. In cases where it is not possible to build this type of professional irrigation facility, it is good to provide alternative options for abundant and regular watering, especially during the summer months.

One of the important things when building a lawn in the shade is that the soil can drain well. In shaded gardens, evaporation is usually lower and moisture is retained more. The constant retention of a large amount of excess moisture creates an ideal environment for the growth of mosses, fungi, and a number of molds that are detrimental to lawns. For this reason, it is very important to have a drainage system in place for the shaded lawn to absorb the excess moisture and take it to a safe place for the ryegrass.

Drainage systems are of utmost importance, especially in clayey substrates. But in many cases it is not possible to build pipe structures with drainage pipes, in these options it is good to at least introduce a quantity of sand to mix with the soil and make it a little more drainable.

It is especially important for the proper thickening of Chima in shade gardens that it is mowed regularly. Always mow with a mower equipped with a grass clippings basket. If you often let the lawn overgrow, you get the effect of self-shading and self-suffocation of the grass carpet.

Last but not least growing a Grass seed for shady areas is proper and regular fertilizing with lawn fertilizers. Always apply organic or mineral fertilizers only according to the instructions and the norms applied by the manufacturer. Exceeding the amount of fertilizer is dangerous for any shade ryegrass and can lead to irreversible drying out of the grass carpet.

With these basic requirements for growing a shade grass mixture for lawn, we hope to help you choose the right type for your lawn.