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For shaded area grass seeds - Shadow from Semenata Org

For shaded area grass seeds - Shadow from Semenata Org
For shaded area grass seeds - Shadow from Semenata Org

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Unique due to its qualities, the mixture of For shaded area grass seeds occupies a special place in the rich catalog of our online catalog

The amazing shade garden mix of grass seeds, as the name suggests, grows best and most effectively in shady or partial shade. This is a grass seeds mixture for the shaded area, and we at the online catalog know very well what our many customers need. It is suitable for grassing those areas of your gardens that do not get much sunlight and where other types of ryegrass do not grow well. Grass mixture "Shadow" is used for weeding corners of lawns, in the shade of walls of buildings, fences or under trees with a thicker and wider column, on areas under slopes unsuitable for other types of grass.

The grass seeds for the shaded area "Shadow" was created after a careful selection by the specialists in the industry by mixing several types of grasses. As one might guess, they are characterized above all by the fact that they thrive beautifully in shade or dappled shade, which makes them convenient for weeding areas that would otherwise be left literally bare, unusable and unattractive to the eye from a purely decorative and an aesthetic point of view.

This wonderful grass mixture with unique and completely unique qualities is highly valued as a decorative element in horticulture and park art, contributing to the beautification and enlivening of areas otherwise difficult to beautify. The leaves are fragile, they have a characteristic and pleasant green color, they form a dense and dense turf. It should be watered regularly, as well as be protected from excessive trampling due to its characteristic features. It behaves and grows beautifully in the shade, but it does not have a high resistance to trampling, so it is not suitable for weeding lawns subject to intensive trampling and wading.

The team of professionals at the online catalog recommends the grass seeds for the shaded area Shadow especially for planting in shady places where other crops do not grow so well. However, this delicate grass mixture does not tolerate daily and all-day dense shade (from walnut, old vine, etc.). or areas subjected to daily trampling - for example, grass seeds for sports fields.

Park spaces, cemetery parks, gardens, courtyards, public gardens, and the places around restaurants, and hotel-type complexes are wonderful places for the flourishing of the mixture of shady places.

Spaces around high-rise blocks of flats in urban neighborhoods that cast a dense shadow around them every day can also be successful with this specialized grass mixture, for which the shade is a natural habitat and it grows and develops wonderfully in it.

The grass seeds mixture for the shaded area "Shadow" not only perfectly complements the greenery around us by occupying the shady and unfriendly places for other grasses, but pleases the eye with its uniform grass color and its pleasant green color.

  • Packaging: 500 g, 1 kg, 10 kg
  • Sowing rate: From 30 to 35 square meters with 1 kilogram.
  • Wading resistance: Weak.
  • Illumination of the terrain: In the shade or semi-shade.
  • Need for watering: Requires regular watering without overwatering at a daily rate of 5-15 liters per square meter.
  • Features of mowing: The first mowing is at a height of 6-7 centimeters, then once a week at about 3-5 centimeters.
  • Soil conditions: Sandy drained soils.
  • Resistance to low temperatures: High resistance. Shade grass is evergreen in Bulgaria.
  • Leaf characteristics: Very elegant and fine leaf structure.
  • Suitable fertilizers: Use long-acting ryegrass fertilizers with a combined formulation.
  • Sowing period: From the end of March to June and September - October.
  • Sowing depth: 2 centimeters in sandy soil and 0.5-1.5 centimeters in clayey.
  • Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, but not below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Germination period: Seeds for shady places germinate in about 7 - 14 days.

Content ot the grass seeds for shady areas:

Red fescue (Festuca rubra 'CORA') - 10%
Red fescue (Festuca rubra 'REVERENT') - 25%
Pasture ryegrass (Lolium perenne 'PARAGOM') - 10%
Pasture ryegrass (Lolium perenne 'BELIDA') - 20%
Fescue (Festuca arundinacea 'GREYSTONE') - 35%

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