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Encapsulated alfalfa seeds Gea with a powerful start and high yields

Encapsulated alfalfa seeds Gea with a powerful start and high yields
Encapsulated alfalfa seeds Gea with a powerful start and high yields
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The online catalog for seeds and garden offers its customers guaranteed Italian Gea alfalfa seeds at a great price. Alfalfa grows successfully in all corners of our country, it is resistant to cold and drought, is highly adaptable in all conditions, and requires almost no maintenance.

One of the merits of the Gea alfalfa we offer is the fact that it has been specially selected to grow at a fast rate and thus allow for regular mowing and consistently good forage yields.

Gea is also characterized by a highly developed root system, which makes it suitable for any conditions, even for the driest terrains and great heat in summer. This makes it extremely suitable for sowing in the southern parts of Bulgaria (Plovdiv, Haskovo, Sandanski, etc.). On the other hand, this variety has a high resistance to cold, which is why it is also used in the northernmost parts of the country, as well as in the higher and sub-Balkan regions, and not only in the lowlands.

Rich in digestible proteins and with an ideal combination of stems and leaves, the forage from the alfalfa Gea is valued because it has very high nutritional and economic qualities, which are well known to farmers and breeders throughout the country.

Easy to maintain, fast-growing, adaptable, and resistant to diseases and pests, with almost no need for irrigation and fertilization, Gea alfalfa is economically beneficial for any farmer.

The varietal seeds of this alfalfa are encapsulated and treated with the bacterium Rhizobium, which is known for its nitrogen-fixing action. They are also treated with Mycorrhiza bacteria. In this way, the Gea seeds wrapped in capsules are highly protected from cold, heat, diseases, mechanical damage, and pests, and at the same time enjoy additional nutrition, even in drier and infertile soils.

The seeds of the alfalfa variety Jea are among the most preferred of this genus by the users of our online catalog for garden en seeds, as this alfalfa guarantees rapid development, easy and cheap maintenance, high adaptability to any soil and climatic conditions and, above all, high and quality yields of fodder for rural farms.

It is suitable for feeding all types of domestic herbivores bred in our country - from geese, ducks, and chickens, through goats, pigs, and sheep, to rabbits, horses, donkeys, cows, mules, buffaloes, and oxen.

The green fields all over Bulgaria, sown with massifs of alfalfa Joya are living proof of its economic benefit and popularity and, at the same time, are indicative of how much many farmers who are engaged in livestock breeding rely on its high yields and nutritional qualities. in the agrarian regions of our country, and not only there.

  • Packing: 1 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg
  • Sowing rate: For 1 decare from 2.4 to 4 kilograms - 1 kg, 10 kg (2.5 - 4 decares), 25 kg (6.25 - 10 decares)
  • Wading resistance: Moderate.
  • Field lighting: Requires sun.
  • Need for water: Water regularly, at least in the beginning.
  • Features of mowing: Mowing is done when the plant reaches the budding phase (formation of flower buds) but before flowering. Then it is the richest in nutrients. Mowing is done at a height of 15 - 20 cm so that it can recover and re-mowing afterward.
  • Soil conditions: Best results are given in deep and fertile soil.
  • Resistance to low temperatures: High.
  • Characteristics of the leaves: The plant is abundantly leafy.
  • Suitable Fertilizers: Use slow-release compound lawn fertilizers.
  • Sowing period: From the end of March to June and September-November.
  • Sowing depth: It is good that the seeds are covered with at least 2 cm of the soil layer, after which it is thoroughly rolled.
  • Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, but not below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Germination period: 14 days.


100% Gea alfalfa seeds in original Italian packaging

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