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Grass seeds for sports field

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Garden catalog Semenata org has added a specialized category for Grass seeds for the sports fields. Here we will present to you some of the best quality sports grass mixtures available on the Bulgarian market today with the proven origin and extremely high efficiency.

You'll find German blends, Dutch (Holland) grass blends, Danish sports grass blends, Italian grasses, Polish, French professional sports ryegrasses, and more.

Grass seeds for sports are produced from special varieties of wheatgrass that have certain qualities. These are ryegrasses, which have a fine and soft-to-the-touch leaf structure, but are extremely resistant to loading - trampling, wading and even parking in them. Sports grasses quickly form a dense grass cover, which has an excellent decorative effect and very good regeneration. This is a quality that is especially appreciated by professional gardeners when building stadiums, tennis courts, golf courses, practice stadiums, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, lawns around swimming pools, etc. sports facilities that are intensively loaded and need quick recovery afterward.

Requirement of sports lawn seeds to growing conditions.

Sports types of ryegrass are light-loving. This means that if you are grassing your garden or stadium with this type of seed, it is good that the field is warmed by the sun all day long. Despite the need for a lot of light, there are also varieties that can withstand partial shading for 3-4 hours, but no more.

Grass seeds for sports fields have certain needs regarding soil conditions. For the best effect, it is good that the terrain is well stocked with nutrients. Because sports fields are mowed frequently and maintained intensively, even if the soil is rich in nutrients, it is quickly depleted. For this reason, suitable mineral fertilizers for grasses should be provided.

Fertilization with combined and multi-component fertilizers for ryegrass is most favorable for grass species. They contain the three main components for the normal development of all plants - Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, as well as many trace elements that are essential for the proper development of the root system, for stimulating "fraternization" (thickening of grasses), for more intense color, preventing the development of molds, mosses and fungal diseases, etc.

For this reason, when grassing gardens and yards with Grass seeds for sports fields, it is good to provide suitable fertilizers for ryegrass, to be used regularly at the rates specified by the manufacturer.

One of the most important conditions for the normal cultivation of sports ryegrass is that they are well supplied with moisture. Regular watering is essential because sports grass mixes are quite moisture-loving. It is extremely difficult to give an exact formula or exact amount of water with which to water a particular lawn. This depends on many factors of the microclimate in the area – seasons, rainfall, soil characteristics, presence of shading at a certain time of the day, etc.

The most accurate definition of "How to water a lawn" is - the soil should always be kept moist, but not wet.

How do we know we're not watering enough?

Cracks of various sizes appear when the terrain dries out. This is a particular indicator that the moisture in the soil is extremely low. As a result of the drought, sports lawns begin to partially die (yellow spots appear on the soil) and the so-called tufas are formed. These are grasses that, in order to compensate for the lack of moisture, develop a powerful root system, which, due to the drought, fails to penetrate deeply and lifts the whole plant up. In this way, the entire sports field becomes extremely uneven, can no longer be used safely for sports events, and has a bad decorative effect.

How do we know we've overwatered a sports lawn?

During re-watering, various types of fungi, black mold on the ground under the grass foliage, green mosses, etc., appear most often. As a result of these adverse effects, the grass begins to turn yellow, grows significantly more slowly, yellow spots appear, becomes looser, and gradually disappears.

Important subtleties when weeding with sports grass mixtures and ryegrass.

When grassing with sports grass, it is good to pay attention to the treatment and alignment of the field. It must be absolutely level, cleared of any stones, weeds, or old grass. The soil should be compacted several times with a garden roller, especially in cases where you have used a tiller to cultivate the terrain.

When sowing Grass seeds for a sports field, the seeds are buried at a depth of up to 1 cm. They must be covered with a fine layer of soil and then rolled so that they can germinate normally. Do not leave the seeds on top.

The most important thing after sowing is watering. The surface layer in which the seeds are located should not dry out even for a moment. Does the place where the seed creature is located dry up there is a risk that the started sprout will dry out and fail to develop.

Be sure to have an extra amount of grass seed for sports that you have in excess. They need to be topped up after the first mowing.

Remove weeds that emerge in the first days regularly and if possible by hand so as not to suffocate the young ryegrass sport. As a last resort, use a broadleaf weed spray.

Use of Grass seeds for the sports field.

These types of grasses are suitable for grassing sports grounds - stadiums, golf courses, various types of training grounds, children's playgrounds, field hockey stadiums, tennis courts, volleyball courts, cricket courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, taekwondo courts, handball, etc.

In addition to sports fields, sports lawns are used for landscaping areas that are subjected to intensive loading - parking lots built from plastic or concrete parking elements, green parking lots, parks, public green areas, etc.

Not infrequently, sports grass mixtures are used to build luxurious lawns around swimming pools, restaurants, bars, hotels and hotel complexes, residences, private gardens, and villas.

The main advantage of sports ryegrass is the resistance to wading, the exceptional density of the grass carpet, and excellent decorative qualities. These are Grass seeds for sports fields that are among the most used by professional landscape architects and garden designers in Sofia, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Kozloduy, Shumen, Yambol, Velingrad, Pamporovo, Sunny Beach, Bansko, Sandanski, etc. settlements in the country.