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Low height white clover seeds with elegant leaves

Low height white clover seeds with elegant leaves
Low height white clover seeds with elegant leaves
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The white low height clover grows quickly and forms a pleasant from a decorative point of view, a thick and dense grassy stem with rich green color and a fresh presence. It differs from other types of standard Trifolium repens clovers, such as white or red, for example, by having smaller and more elegant leaves. It also grows quickly in width and little in height, making it easy to care for when mowing, which can be done weekly for a nicer look or up to once a month.

The low clover Trifolium repens Nano is valued both by amateur gardeners and professionals, as it gives a specific look to any space grassed with it, regardless of its purpose. Not a small part of the charm of these crops lies in the specific flowering of the low-growing clover, which blooms with delicate white flowers, pleasantly contrasting with the main characteristic green grass mass.

Due to its specificity as a low-growing species with beautiful leaves and creeping stems, this type of unique grass is suitable for the implementation of various projects. Many private gardens, courtyards, parks, and gardens for public use are effectively weeded with it.

The low-growing clover, despite its fragile and delicate appearance, has good resistance to trampling and trampling. The team of our online catalog considers the demand for the plant for any space, including those for games, sports, recreation, relaxation, or entertainment.

In addition to private homes and gardens, this unique clover is also in great demand for the weeding of hotel complexes, stadiums, vacation properties, guest houses, and closed residential complexes.

Another plus when weeding yards and gardens with white clover seeds are the low seed rate parameters, where with only 1 kilogram of varietal seeds from it, you can easily weed 100 square meters of space, while growing, the clover quickly forms dense and deep green grass carpet.

In addition to a purely decorative value, the low-growing clover also has its economic value and is sought for the weeding of quality pastures intended for literally all types of domestic herbivores used in our country - from cows and donkeys, through sheep and goats, to buffaloes, geese, and ducks. In the economic life of our country, this type of clover is of low value and is also used in beekeeping, because it is honey-bearing, as well as in snail farms.

Package: 500 g.
Sowing rate: 10 grams per 1 sq.m. (the 500 g package is enough for an area of ​​50 square meters)
Wading resistance: Medium to high.
Field lighting: Sunny places or dappled shade (withstands partial shading, but not all day).
Need for watering: Regular, without overwatering.
Mowing features: It can be mowed less often than the usual weekly mowing, for example, once a month with a suitable more powerful mower.
Soil conditions: Humus, slightly acidic or saline soil.
Resistance to low temperatures: Adapted to the climate of the country.
Leaf characteristics: Relatively small leaves.
Suitable Fertilizers: Long-acting nitrogen-free or low-nitrogen compound lawn fertilizers.
Sowing period: From the second half of March to the end of June and in autumn in the period September-October, when there is no danger of frost.
Sowing depth: It is sown shallow (about 1 cm deep) and must be rolled.
Soil temperature at sowing: Sow at 15-25 degrees, but not below 2 degrees Celsius.
Germination period: Two to three weeks.
Online store offers an extremely delicate variety of low clover seeds with beautiful leaves and creeping stems, created on the basis of grass seeds from the so-called Trifolium repens Nano. This clover is suitable for any sunny yard and garden, as well as other outdoor spaces.


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