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Delicious Yellow Tomatoes - Seeds of Golden Boy F1 variety

Delicious Yellow Tomatoes - Seeds of Golden Boy F1 variety
Delicious Yellow Tomatoes - Seeds of Golden Boy F1 variety
  • Model: S010663
  • Packet/ seeds amount: 0.15 g (there are about 40 seeds of big yellow tomatoes Golden Boy F1 in 1 packet)

  • Sowing rate: 25 to 30 g.

  • Harvest:

  • Optimal time for sowing: Sow the seeds from 20th of January to 10th of May.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: In May.

  • Cultivation scheme: 80-120/ 35-45 cm. This variety of tomatoes requires staking. It is grown on constructions or on stakes in rows. 

  • Vegetation: 90 - 95 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: Golden Boy F1 is a great yellow tomato. It has yellow fruits. The colour of the tomato is yellow-golden, very juicy and fleshy with a great taste and fewer seeds. It is perfect variety for fresh consumption.


Online Catalog for vegetable seeds Semenata.ORG is pleased to present to its readers and current and future customers the seeds of the yellow tomato variety Golden Boy F1. The variety is a medium-early variety. Its stems grow unlimited in height (indeterminate tomato). This determines that this variety is grown on stakes. They grow on constructions such as wooden pillars or special stakes for tomatoes. 

The ripened tomatoes are round with a yellow-gold colour on sturdy stems. The leaves are well-shaped, which is helping for hiding and protect the tomatoes from the strong sun. 

Lovers of colourful tomatoes will be happy to try these unusual tomatoes.

Like the other colourful varieties, the yellow tomato Golden Boy F1 variety is full of vitamins and minerals. Enrich your healthy and nutritious diet with these tomatoes. They are fleshy and flavorful - an excellent addition to a healthy diet.

You will like their dense texture. The fewer seeds is an additional plus for the fruit.

People use the tomato Golden Boy variety exclusively for a fresh salad. One idea for a great salad is to make a colourful arrangement of tomatoes of different colours to create a beautiful and tasty salad.

Combining different vegetables with yellow tomatoes is also an option. You can use them fresh or you can add them to different main dishes.

A good and tasty option is to add some fresh homemade cheese to the "Golden" tomatoes. You can crumble it on top or serve the cheese as a block next to the vegetables. No matter how there is no doubt that combining different cheeses with tomatoes is delicious.

When to sow your future yellow tomatoes? The seeds are sown at the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring, in February and March.

If sowing directly in fertile soil put the seeds 0.50 cm deep in the ground in the treated in advance selected area.

Whether you choose to sow directly into the ground or prepare seedlings, you must follow the already tested scheme of 80 to 120 centimetres between the rows and 35 to 45 centimetres between the plants. This is enough space for your future tomatoes to grow.

As mentioned above, the variety grows on stakes, do not forget to prepare pillars for support.

You will get a harvest of this great variety in August and September. The variety is resistant to verticillium, fusarium and nematodes.

Online Catalog Semenata.ORG recommends the variety as one of the most attractive yellow tomatoes. If you want to stand out, order the seeds from us.


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