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Cherry Belle radish seed tape delicious variety from Vilmorin

Cherry Belle radish seed tape delicious variety from Vilmorin
Cherry Belle radish seed tape delicious variety from Vilmorin
  • Model: SB0V561
  • Packing / number of seeds: in one pack you will find 7 m of special water-soluble tape, in which are embedded Cherry Belle radish seeds. The spacing between the seeds is optimally factory-set for proper plant development.
  • Sowing rate.
  • Harvest.
  • Sowing period.
  • Planting period: You do not need to make seedlings.
  • Cultivation scheme: Simply place the strip and cover it with a thin layer of soil (about 1 cm). Leave about 15 - 20 cm between the rows.
  • 30 - 40 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Cherry Belle ribbon radishes are large-rooted, deep deep red in colour with no hollows. Very tender with light juiciness and intense characteristic flavour and aroma.

You can now also order Cherry Belle radish seeds in strips from online. The seed packet contains one strip, 7 metres long. Cherry Belle is an early variety, famous for its very high yield. The growing season of the cherry blossom is relatively short.

In order to sow Cherry Belle seeds through the strip you need a good growing environment, with plenty of sun and wet soil. The convenience of these strips is that the seeds in them are fixed, you don't have to waste unnecessary time sowing them.

The packets offered by the garden shop contain one water-soluble paper strip, which makes it very easy and simple to sow the radishes.

The seeding rate in this case depends on the space you have allocated to the tasty vegetable. In the strips, the seeds are strictly arranged and fixed, they cannot be displaced, which contributes to their easy use. Simply take out the strip, unfold and, depending on the area, slice as you need.

The precisely spaced seed contributes to uniformly sized and shaped radishes, making the strips highly preferred by both vegetable growers and home sowers.

The most preferred method of sowing is in rows. After preparing the rows, place the summer and sprinkle with a thin layer of soil, then water thoroughly and keep the soil wet. In this case there is no need to thin out the killed plants, as the strip gives you the convenience of fixed seeds.

As we have already said, the growing season of these radishes is very short, less than a month, and the produce is ideal in its commercial appearance.

The produce is harvested between March and November. Thanks to their fresh appearance and beautiful red colour, the ribbon radishes are also preferred by adolescents. Young children enjoy the crunchy vegetables, turning their consumption into a fun game, thus also taking in the beneficial substances from the useful vegetable.

Because of their ideal and perfect appearance, Cherry Belle radishes are also becoming a favourite of professional cooks. They use the tender and juicy vegetables not only in salads but also to decorate various delicious main dishes. Arranging a professionally prepared dish is a complicated task, but this ribbon radish variety makes it easy, convenient and fun.

Mixing radishes with delicious organic lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and all sorts of vegetables makes a good and vitamin-packed combination. The nice thing about using radishes in cooking is that they can be put in whole, a convenience that is important for the speed with which a dish is prepared.

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