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Premium Seeds of Lettuce Attraction, surprisingly tasty and fast growing

Premium Seeds of Lettuce Attraction, surprisingly tasty and fast growing
Premium Seeds of Lettuce Attraction, surprisingly tasty and fast growing
  • Model: S007913
  • Packing / number of seeds: 6 g (about 4100 - 4700 varieties of Attraction lettuce seeds in one pack).
  • Sowing rate: You will need 40 to 50 grams of seeds per acre.
  • Harvest: Attraction is one of the fastest lettuce varieties. The produce is ready to eat in about one and a half months after sowing.
  • Sowing period. May to May (May to May).
  • Planting period: After frosts have passed. Usually after the 25th day you can move the seedlings to a permanent place.
  • Growingscheme: In greenhouses and outdoors, grow in the standard 30/20 cm scheme for lettuces.
  • 40 to 55days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Medium-sized heads, light green leaves with a very attractive fresh appearance. Great taste.

Very tasty and very good flavour. This is a particularly useful salad to stimulate the body after the long cold stagnation. The variety is early and very quickly becomes ready for consumption. In addition, the lettuce is characterized by dense and round rosettes, relatively large for this type of vegetable - about 300 to 350 grams. The leaves of Attraction lettuce are sweet and juicy, their colour is light green, and they are very tender and tasty. The attraction is that it is resistant to decay. Its freshness makes it particularly popular and sought-after.

A few tips from the team at on sowing and growing Attraction lettuce seeds. First of all, you should know that this hardy lettuce is grown in early spring, finishing in late summer, which means that the seeds need to be placed in the soil from March to May. The depth at which they are sown is 1 to 1,5 cm. A distance of 20-25 cm should be left between the plants. 40 to 50 grams are sown per acre. You may bear in mind, as information, that one gram contains 700 to 900 seeds. The vegetable has a short vegetation of 40 to 55 days. The sustainable plant can be grown in two ways, one is in greenhouses, which can be either polythene or glass and outdoors.

It is an undeniable fact that the useful qualities of Attraction lettuce are unquenchable. A wealth of vitamins, minerals, salts and much more, making the leafy vegetable sought after and extremely popular. One of the main advantages of this variety of lettuce is that it stays fresh even at higher temperatures and can be eaten throughout the summer period.

With regular intake of Attraction lettuces, you will feel fit both physically and mentally. Lettuce is also known for being a natural healer. It helps the body work, especially the stomach and liver.

The attraction is of course generally useful, but know that more useful are actually the outer leaves. They are more strongly greenish, while the inner ones are paler and do not act as antitoxidizing.

Choose seeds from Attraction Salad, one of the logical offerings of the online shop, to enjoy the delicious and useful plants and wake up after the winter doldrums. It is common knowledge that salad is the best dish for freshness and cleansing the body. Combined with other types of vegetables, it will make this easier.

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