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Italian seeds of Oak Leaf Lettuce, yellow-green and very tasty

Italian seeds of Oak Leaf Lettuce, yellow-green and very tasty
Italian seeds of Oak Leaf Lettuce, yellow-green and very tasty
  • Model: S000787
  • Packing / number of seeds: 9 g.
  • Sowing rate: Use to produce 40 to 50 g of oak leaf seed per acre of land, at a depth of 1 to 1.5 cm.
  • Harvest: Usually ready in about 50 days from sowing.
  • Sowing period: In practice, sowing starts from January to October. Sowing in the open air can be done between 01.03 and 30.05
  • Seedling period: No seedlings are taken. Sow the seeds directly in a permanent place. For early production - in greenhouses, for medium and late production - outdoors.
  • Cultivation scheme: 30 cm between rows and 20 cm between plants.
  • Vegetation: between 48 and 50 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Broad and large leaves, aromatic and tender. The leaves have a very distinctive oak leaf shape. Excellent taste.

The online shop is happy to present to its regular and new customers varieties of Oak Leaf Lettuce seeds.

A rather unusual type of lettuce, the leaves of which resemble those of an oak leaf. The curious thing about the salad is that it can be sown almost all year round. Sowing starts at the end of January and continues until October. A big plus for all fresh lettuce growers in greenhouses and outdoors.

The Oakleaf lettuce is a very robust brassica, as it forms rosettes, with a large volume, the leaves are quite large, and it is also terribly tender and apple-like.

Oak leaf lettuce seeds can be sown indoors in a greenhouse with a polythene cover - when sown early in spring (usually done towards the end of January). And you can sow lettuce seeds directly after 15 March until the end of April, by which time the danger of frost will have passed.

The best place to grow Oakleaf lettuce is in fertile soil. For fall production, it is best to sow the lettuce in September (after mid-month).

The team of the online store highly recommends to its readers the combination of Oak leaf lettuce with various types of vegetables, because in addition to giving a beautiful aesthetic appearance to the prepared specialties, it complements the taste of the planned dish very successfully. Oak leaf is especially used in the preparation of spring salads, with a variety of vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, pepper, carrot, lettuce, all kinds of leafy greens. You can also use spices as a complement to the taste, one of them - strong and vitamin-rich for example is magranose.

A curious trick. Because of their shape they need to be washed well before use. This is best done by pre-soaking them in a deep pot of water for about 20 minutes. Doing this helps a lot in cleaning the lettuce leaves. Then wash them on running water. It's a good idea to let the salad leaves drain and then you can safely shred and serve, for example with a sprinkling of cedar nuts.

One of the greatest advantages of this Oak LeafSalad is that after cutting, it grows again. The bright green salad becomes an inexhaustible assistant to chefs in their fine restaurants, with its fresh and home-grown vegetables. Naturally, using the vegetable in this form, i.e. freshly picked, is the best option from every point of view, even just as a decoration.

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