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Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce seeds with a large and tasty rosette

Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce seeds with a large and tasty rosette
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce seeds with a large and tasty rosette
  • Packing / number of seeds: 2 g (1400 - 1800 seeds per pack)
  • Sowing rate: 40-50 grams per acre.
  • Harvest: ready in about 80 - 90 days.
  • Sowing period: In spring from late January to early February indoors. In autumn from 10 to 20 September.
  • Planting period: After frost.
  • Sow in rows 30 cm apart and 20 cm between plants.
  • 80 to 90 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Tender and crisp leaves, very tasty and tender, rather large rosette with deep green colour.

We at garden centre offer our regular and potential customers varietal seeds of iceberg lettuce 'Great Lakes'.

The rosettes of this unique lettuce variety are extremely large and their taste qualities are very high and widely appreciated by gourmets.

The leaves of Great Lakes are very tender, great tasting and sought after by any lover of fresh salads.

The growing phase of the Iceberg lettuce Great Lakes lasts from 80 to 90 days. It is best eaten fresh and just picked.

This variety is good for sowing from late January to early February. It is sown 1 to 1,5 cm apart, with 30 cm between rows and 20 cm between individual plants in a row.

Itis important to know that when sowing, this iceberg variety requires temperatures to be at least above 3 degrees for the process and subsequent phases of seed development to be successful. The lettuce is not only delicious, but also very useful. It is rich in beneficial substances that make it an indispensable product for every table. In the kitchen, this lettuce can be successfully combined with other ingredients to prepare a delicious, nutritious and useful salad for every taste.

Experienced cooks, and lovers of interesting cuisine, combine the Great Lakes salad with various other vegetables, with fruit, lemon juice, meats and meat products, with sunflower, mayonnaise, basil, salt and pepper, cherry tomatoes or gherkins.

The Great Lakes Iceberg lettuce of this variety does not even need to be cut, but is torn into large pieces that are sweet in taste, very nutritious and vitamin-rich. Iceberg lettuce is a favourite ingredient for every fresh summer salad in our country and is successfully combined with various other vegetable varieties.

The rosettes of Great Lakes are large and crisp, the leaves are fresh, and the plants do not require much care to acquire the variety's characteristic high nutritional and flavour qualities, which make Great Lakes one of the most preferred varieties in our kitchen.

The experience of the team of specialists from the online shop shows that this iceberg lettuce is appreciated by gardeners who are professionally engaged in production, as well as by lovers of head lettuce.

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