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Black Cherry tomato seeds - strong aroma and surprising taste

Black Cherry tomato seeds - strong aroma and surprising taste
Black Cherry tomato seeds - strong aroma and surprising taste

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Online vegetable seeds and tomato seeds catalog is very pleased and proud to bring to your attention information about black cherry tomatoes. The seeds of varietal tomatoes with an exotic flavors can now be ordered directly from here.

Black tomatoes are grown using support stakes because their stems grow tall, and they have no height limit (indeterminate variety). Various types of flower pots are suitable and convenient in this case.

The interesting type of tomato is fun with the way it looks. It pleases the eye with the multitude of its fruits and especially with the color of the ripe tomatoes. Violet to black is a strange color for a tomato, you might say, but here it is, and it is in no way inferior to its other relatives (red cherry, for example).

The sweetness of tomatoes and their extravagant appearance always impress even the few who doubt vegetable crops.

You will be especially pleased to learn that this cherry variety is extremely early ripening. The preferred places for them are with more sun.

Black tomatoes have a growing season of 70 to 80 days.

You've probably guessed by now that this variety of small tomatoes, like its kind of small tomatoes, is intended mostly for decoration. The decorations that you can make quite easily and simply by sowing the seeds of these black fruits will be particularly impressive in front of everyone.

At home in the garden, you can make a great bouquet by planting several types of cherry tomatoes in a corner. Red circles, black circles, and elongated red ones for example.

Lovers of beautiful gardens and flora, in general, will be incredibly pleased with the idea. Even just seeing them in your garden will be enough for you. Not to mention that you can always go out and pick up some for a salad or garnish.

Exoticism has always been part of the beauty of a well-designed garden. Of course, flowers are an invariable part of this beauty. Black cherry tomatoes would be able to naturally diversify the flower bed and make it cozy and pleasing to the eyes.

Not to mention the place they find in cooking, professionals in this field are not without such tomatoes. Mostly for decoration, of course. They bring a lot of freshness and originality to a perfect dish.

You know who especially enjoys this variety of baby food - the children. It is a real pleasure combined with play for them when there are Black Tomatoes nearby. Imagine you have naked little ones, they will immediately rush to pick the small fruits without even thinking.

So, don't wait, order Black Cherry seeds right now from our specialized online catalog See more from our lawn seeds mix catalog – seeds of canned tomatoes San Marzano.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.3 g (75 - 105 black cherry tomato seeds are in one packet).
Sowing rate: Early sowing - from 25 to 30 grams per hectare, medium and late sowing - from 30 to 40 grams per hectare
Sowing period: For early harvest - 20.01 - 25.02, for medium - March, for late - from 25.04 - 10.05.
Planting period: Take out the ready seedlings of the black cherry tomato after the end of April.
Cultivation scheme: 80-120/ 35-45 cm. Through preliminary seedlings, stake, single row. Can be grown outdoors or in a 200-micron Israeli nylon greenhouse. The variety is suitable for growing in larger flower pots and boxes.
Vegetation: From 69 to 80 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Black cherry tomatoes form small fruits with an average weight of 14 - 18 g, many in number with a dark purple-red color to black. Very strong aroma and a very nice sweet taste. 

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