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Tomato seeds Cherry variety Mila - cylindrical and super sweet

Tomato seeds Cherry variety Mila - cylindrical and super sweet
Tomato seeds Cherry variety Mila - cylindrical and super sweet
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The team of the garden catalog for tomato seeds presents from its rich catalog of vegetables, another variety of cherry tomato seeds, the Mila variety. Tomatoes are known for their extremely interesting shapes - cylindrically elongated and terribly sweet and delicate taste.

The shape and deep red color of the Mila cherry variety make it quite popular in cooking. Tomatoes are fleshy and cute, so they are widely used to decorate main dishes.

Like ordinary cherry tomatoes, the Mila variety produces numerous fruits on its stem.

They are grown with previously prepared seedlings, they are intended for field production (although they are resistant to verticillium and tobacco mosaic) without stakes or on a support structure.

To sow one acre of the area with Mila cherry seeds, you will need about 15 to 20 grams. Sowing takes place in the period from April to May. Planting outdoors, using support stakes, takes place from May to June.

When transplanting, observe the following distances - a two-row scheme between the first two rows 50 cm, and m/y the next two about 110 centimeters, between the grown young plants from 30 to 40 centimeters. The distances will help the tomatoes to grow calmly and develop to the maximum.

The soil for the Mila variety, like other tomato varieties, should be fertile and kept moist, but not wet. So water your lovely tomatoes regularly and sparingly.

When it's time to harvest the finished product, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the number of tomatoes. The Mila cherry variety yields 2 to 3 tons of produce per hectare. You can harvest the tomatoes from September to October.

An additional plus for the small Mila tomatoes is that the variety is resistant to diseases similar to tomatoes during the formation of their fruits.

You can also grow delicious small and oblong tomatoes at home in pots. It is very convenient to have such a variety on the terrace. Thus, you will always be able to diversify your table and decorate it in different ways.

Culinary masterpieces are part of the Mila variety tomato application. The very shape and the numerous fruits of the cherry predispose professional chefs to use small tomatoes.

In addition to salads and fresh consumption, even without any intervention of spices or other vegetables, Mila cherries are used in the preparation of winter food - jars, and preserves. Making tomato puree, various sauces, and juices is very simple and even enjoyable when you have such interesting tomatoes.

Do not hesitate, to order seeds of the extravagant Mila variety right now from the online catalog for vegetable seeds and tomatoes See more from our catalog – seeds of indeterminate tomatoes.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.2 g (about 50 pcs.), 1 g., 3 g., 50 g.
Sowing rate: About 10 to 15 grams per acre.
Harvest: From 2 to 3 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: April and May.
Planting period: May and June.
Cultivation scheme: Mila cherry tomatoes are grown by preparing seedless seedlings outdoors. A two-row scheme is 110/50 x 30-40 cm. They can also be grown stakes with a scheme of 80 - 120/ 35 - 45 cm.
Fruit characteristics: Mila cherries have a very interesting shape. Slightly cylindrical - oblong, small (18 - 20 g) with a deep red color. The fruits are extremely tasty. They have a very tender and fleshy pericarp (shell), contain a large amount of dry matter (about 9.6% by weight), and have a very high sugar content of 5.1%.

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