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Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds - A great variety for salad and canning

Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds - A great variety for salad and canning
Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds - A great variety for salad and canning

In the rich catalog with delicious tomato seeds online, the seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes are at the forefront, which is always available to our many current and future customers.

Tomatoes are of the early varieties, grow freely in height growing from 1.5 to 1.8 meters and give large yields with proper care. They form 3 to 4 cones, which in turn make 70 to 80 tomatoes each.

Tomatoes in cherry yellow are incredibly hardy and have great durability, as the cones stay for a long time, and the fruits do not fall from them.

The tiny yellow tomatoes weigh only 14 to 18 grams each, are healthy, have almost no water content in them, and are easily preserved for a long time frozen in the freezers or dried.

Their sweet taste, aroma, and attractive yellow color make them perfect for making any type of salad in combination with other vegetables, cheese, or even noodles. They can also be used as a side dish for dishes from our and foreign cuisine or as a decoration for hors d'oeuvres of any type.

The specialists from the garden center Semenata Shop explain that the yellow cherry is also very good for preparing various preserves, but because of its small fruit, it is not used for making tomato juices or tomato purees, or ketchup.

25 to 30 grams of yellow tomato seeds are sufficient for one acre of the area in early sowing. In the medium sowing and in the late sowing of cherries, 30 to 40 grams of seed per acre are needed for one acre.

Early sowing is done from the 20th day of January to the 25th day of February if the temperature ranges fluctuate within 20 degrees Celsius. Medium sowing is done from March 1 to 30, and late sowing is done from the 25th of April to the 10th of May.

The seedlings are taken outside as soon as the spring frosts have passed, usually in the period of months of April and May, according to the data of our online store Semenata.Shop. The variety is suitable for growing outdoors and in greenhouses constructed from Israeli greenhouse polyethylene.

Miniature cherry tomatoes are planted in rows on stakes with furrows for watering them in the rows. A distance of 80 to 120 centimeters from row to row and 35 to 45 centimeters from plant to plant in each row is observed.

Vegetation of the small vegetable lasts from 68 to 80 days according to the sunshine.

This extravagant miniature yellow tomato is a favorite of master chefs and ordinary housewives because it is attractive, tasty, and with bright colors that add variety to any salad. See more Bulgarian orange tomato seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.5 g (about 125 - 150 yellow cherry tomato seeds in one package)
Sowing rate: 25 to 30 grams per acre for early sowing by seedling and 30 to 40 grams per acre for medium and late production again by pre-seeding.
Sowing period: For early sowing 20 January - 25 February, for medium from 1 to 30 March, for late sowing from 25 April to 10 May.
Planting period: In April and in May.
Cultivation scheme: Row, stake with scheme 80-120/35-45 cm.
Vegetation: From 68 to 80 days.
Fruit Characteristics: Yellow cherry tomatoes form a fruit that is round, yellow, undersized, and sweet. It forms about 3 to 4 bunches that give birth to 70 to 80 tomatoes each. Their average weight is about 14 - 18 g and they are quite durable after peeling. The pods can stay up to several weeks without the fruits falling from them. 

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