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Bulgarian orange tomato seeds Bendida F1 - with high provitamin A content

Bulgarian orange tomato seeds Bendida F1 - with high provitamin A content
Bulgarian orange tomato seeds Bendida F1 - with high provitamin A content
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Orange tomato seeds of the Bendida F1 variety are part of the rich seeds catalog Online, which is available to our many current and future customers.

Tomatoes of the Bendida F1 type are highly adaptable and resistant to climate changes so they are easily looked after by farmers all over the country, from the lands along the Black Sea in the east to our western outskirts and from the Danube River in the north to the southernmost points of the country.

The tomato of this orange variety is a purely Bulgarian development. It is an early ripener and grows and bears fruit equally well indoors in an Israeli polyethylene film greenhouse and greenhouse, and outdoors in open agricultural production areas.

A big plus of tomatoes is that they are highly resistant to a number of diseases widespread in most of the other varieties in our country - verticillium, tobacco mosaic, and fusarium.

As is known, the tomato as a vegetable was not known on the Old Continent until sometime in the 15th or 16th century, when it was brought here from America through the galleys of the Spanish conquistadors. It quickly gained popularity on the table of Europeans along with cucumber, cabbage, and pumpkin, and people en masse named tomatoes "golden apples", both because of their yellow color at the time and because of their value at the time.

Today, tomatoes are not only yellow and there is a huge variety of sizes, colors, tastes, shapes, and aromas on the market, which makes the tomato one of the most diverse and interesting vegetables on our table, the experience of Semenata.Shop shows.

The Bendida F1 tomato variety has an attractive orange color. It is medium in size and weighs usually 180 to 200 grams each. It has an amazing taste, is rich in vitamins (especially a lot of beta-carotene) and other useful ingredients, and is durable during storage and transportation.

These qualities define it as ideal for commercial activity in the store network and in markets and fairs, as well as for the import and export of agricultural products.

Bendida F1 orange tomato diversifies any salad in which it is used, as well as the garnishes and decorations of various dishes in which it is included.

15 to 20 grams of Bendida F1 tomato seeds are sown per hectare.

Sowing takes place from March to April.

The reasoning is carried out from May to June when the danger of frost has passed.

When sowing, observe a distance of 80 centimeters from row to row and 35 - 40 centimeters from plant to plant within each row.

Tomatoes give high yields of 8 to 10 tons per acre all the time between the month of July and month of September. See more Seeds of stake tomatoes from our catalog.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. orange Bendida F1 tomato seeds are available in one package, also available in 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds, 2500 pcs. seeds.
Sowing rate: 15 to 20 grams per acre.
Yield: From 8 to 10 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: In March-April.
Planting period: In May-June.
Cultivation scheme: 80/40 cm on stakes in a row. The Bendida orange tomato is grown single-stemmed in 6-8 bunches, each producing 6-8 flowers.
Vegetation: From 60 to 80 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Bendida F1 are Bulgarian tomatoes that form a medium-sized fruit (180 - 200 g), with a saturated orange, medium firm, extremely tasty fruit with a characteristic balanced consistency. Tomatoes have a very high content of beta-carotene (Provitamin A) and are highly resistant to transport and storage.

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