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Clemson Spineless okra seeds for canning and making delicious dishes

Clemson Spineless okra seeds for canning and making delicious dishes
Clemson Spineless okra seeds for canning and making delicious dishes
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Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) is an extremely heat-loving species. We at the online catalog for vegetable seeds offer you Clemson Spinellis okra seeds - an early variety with a vegetation period of about 55 to 60 days. Okra, also known as bayan, is an annual herbaceous plant of the Slezovi family. It was known in ancient times in the territories of Ethiopia and Turkey. Okra flowers are bell-shaped, large, and pale yellow, located one at a time in the axils of the leaves. Okra is a self-pollinating plant.

The fruits of Clemson Spineless okra are pyramidal pods, with several nests for the seeds. When fully ripe, the box bursts open, and the seeds are poured out. It reaches a height of about 120 to 140 cm and has thin, elongated fruits, sometimes with a curved top, measuring 6 to 8 cm and about a centimeter thick.

This variety is moisture- and heat-loving, the seeds germinate at a soil temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius. The seeds are sown by direct sowing at the end of May and the beginning of June, and the harvest can begin to be harvested one week after the flowers bloom. Picking should be done every two days to avoid aging and roughening of the fruits.

Clemson Spinellis okra seeds are sown in rows 80cm apart and planted 8 to 10cm apart. Place 3-4 seeds in each nest, tamp, and then water.

Soil conditions are very important for the development of okra. Prefers chernozem soils. It is not demanding of its predecessor. Clemson Spinellis is a cultivar highly suitable for cooking, pickling, pickling, drying, and as an ornamental plant. It is popular around the world to harvest Clemson Spinellis okra seeds, which they use as a substitute for coffee. See more arugula plant seed disc.

Cut / number of seeds: 10 g (180 - 200 seeds per Okra vegetable in a package).
Sowing rate: 2.5 - 3 kg/ha.
Harvest: 1 t/ha.
Sowing period: May - June direct sowing is carried out.
Planting period: Not transplanted.
Cultivation scheme: 60X20, direct sowing. For early production. Grown outdoors.
Vegetation: 55 - 60 days. Fruiting: July - August.
Fruit Characteristics: Clemson Spinellis Okra has long, thin and pointed, curled-tipped peppers. The size peppers is 6 - 8 cm long and 1 cm thick. For fresh consumption, canning, and drying.

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