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Under this category in our online herb seeds catalog dedicated to your home and garden, you will find carefully selected high-quality seeds of one of the most recognizable herbs in the world, which has also become one of the most characteristic spices, known under the name "Royal Herb" ”, but known since ancient times under the name Basil.

Basil is a fragrant plant that belongs to the annual herbaceous species. The places where it is believed to have first appeared are Asia, Africa, and India. Fragrant basil has a rich history and many myths and legends are associated with it. In ancient Rome, a sprig of the aromatic herb was considered an expression of love, while in India it was believed to be a bearer of the divine and ward off a mythical fearsome snake that could kill with a look. In Egypt, they used basil to embalm the dead, and in Mexico, they put a sprig of the "sacred aroma" in their pocket, which could bring riches and eternal fidelity to the loved one. In Ancient Greece, basil was revered as a holy plant. In fact, the name of the basil herb comes from the Greek word "basilikohn", which literally means - "royal"

Nowadays, basil has its mainly used as a spice, specifically for this purpose its leaves are used. With its distinctive clean and sharp taste and fragrant aroma, basil has become a staple spice for dishes around the world, its presence becoming an indispensable part of Italian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. An interesting fact is that it gained serious popularity when the now-famous Pesto sauce became popular because basil is a major part of the favorite sauce.

Another famous culinary favorite that contains basil as a main ingredient is the Caprese salad. The combination of seasoning with tomatoes and mozzarella is so successful that the salad is gaining worldwide popularity for a reason. Its taste goes well with pizzas, and meat dishes, such as beef, poultry, and game. It is a perfect seasoning for potato dishes as well as for pasta.

Apart from its use as a spice, basil is an herb, a very useful herb at that, often referred to as the "Royal Herb". It has many beneficial properties on the human body, a small part of which include sedative properties, antiseptic, antibacterial, antitumor, antidepressant, tonic, and even aphrodisiac properties and does not end here.

With its high content of essential oils in the petals, basil has become a great anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Basil is often used to treat coughs, kidney disease, and gastrointestinal disorders.

To treat a cough, you can make a quick and easy basil tea that will relieve symptoms and help heal faster. All you need to do is pour half a liter of hot water over the herb. After brewing the tea, you need to strain it and your magical drink is ready. It is recommended to take the "medicinal" tea up to 4 times a day, before meals.

Another application that basil has is that of an ornamental plant. The reason is its beautiful green leaves, delicate flowers, and fragrant flowers.

The plant is heat-loving and light-loving. It likes moist and fertile soil and develops successfully with regular watering. You can grow it both in the yard and in a pot or box in your home.

The petals of the "Royal" herb freshen the air in rooms in the winter months, and in the summer - protecting against mosquitoes. See more Italian basil seeds tape.