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Italian basil seed tape for pot and garden

Italian basil seed tape for pot and garden
Italian basil seed tape for pot and garden
  • Model: S00L132

Online catalog for vegetable seeds offers its customers Italian basil seed tape from classic green basil varieties for pot and garden. The basil Italian tape is one per piece with a length of 5 meters. The variety of seeds fixed on the tape is a green classic Italian basil.

Fixing the basil seeds in the tape is an extremely convenient option for sowing. Each Italian basil seed tape is water-soluble, i.e. there is no danger of contamination in the soil, nor of the spices adversely affecting the quality.

Small Ocimum Basilicum basil seeds are fixed at specific distances, allowing you to not commit to determining distance. In fact, it is much easier for you, because you only need to place the tape in the places you want, cover them with a fine layer of soil, press, and water abundantly.

The spice is grown as an annual crop, its stem has a four-edged shape, with the leaves at the end being sharper. The flowers are dyed in several colors, according to the type of basil - some are white, others are pink, and the third is purple.

The smell is specific, very strong, and pleasant, characteristic of the corresponding spice. In the summer, it is good to have basil by your open windows because it is believed to drive away stinging insects, especially mosquitoes, with its fragrance.

The herb Ocimum Basilicum is quite beautiful in general and an arrangement with it is a good idea. When you use the upper leaves of the plants, you stimulate the growth of new ones, and the plant formed in this way takes on a beautiful shape. So, besides being useful, basil can help you decorate your yard.

The spice is mostly used fresh, but you can dry it for longer use. With ready-made plants, you can season fish specialties, pasta, and vegetable dishes. The leaves are added as an ingredient in various dressings and sauces. They go well with cheeses and vegetables.

If you have decided to look after the spices in open spaces, sow the fixed Italian basil seed tape during the spring season. More precisely, when the temperatures are already constantly positive, at least twelve degrees Celsius. You can sow basil strips in pots and boxes indoors all year round.

When you have chosen to grow Basil at home in boxes and different types of flower containers, be calm, you can sow at any time of the year.

The fixed seeds of Italian basil tape green classic Italian Ocimum Basilicum, as you already understood - are convenient and easy to sow. You place them, press lightly with your hand, and sprinkle some loose soil. Water abundantly as a start, and continue with regular watering for the first few days. In this way, you help the seeds to start germinating. You can thin it out by watering once or twice a week. See more seeds of leaf Celery

Cut/number of seeds: Each package contains one Italian basil seed tape for pot and garden. The length of the tape is 5 m.
Sowing rate: Depending on the space, cut the required length from the tape.
Sowing period: In open spaces or on the terrace in boxes.
Planting period: Not transplanted.
Cultivation scheme: The strips are placed and covered with a little soil, pressed, and watered abundantly.
Fruit Characteristics: Enjoy delicious green fragrant leaves of fresh basil plucked from your garden or pot.

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