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Basil seed discs for planting in pot

Basil seed discs for planting in pot
Basil seed discs for planting in pot

Online herb seeds catalog offers in its rich catalog Basil seed discs for planting in pots, which is available to our customers for online ordering and for ordering by phone.

The seeds of the Basil spice are attached to the paper discs using a special technology at the factory and are sown extremely easily, quickly, and conveniently by every gardener.

Basil seed discs are 10 centimeters in diameter and should be sown in pots of at least 15 centimeters. Outside, the distance from disc to disc when sowing should be about 5 centimeters.

Basil can be sown in suitable containers at home so that the spice is always at hand for your kitchen. In the yard, garden, or another outdoor place, you can also use the paper discs to fix, for example, the arrangement in the herb garden next to the other spices.

Drain well and level the soil in advance, and after sowing the seeds of the Basil discs in it, cover with a thin layer of soil to about half a centimeter, press it lightly and water abundantly. Until the seeds germinate, it is necessary to keep them always moist, but not overwatered.

During the germination period, the soil should be moderately moist, without leaving it dry and without being over-watered, to prevent the seeds from rotting during this period. And to support their optimal development through all phases.

At home, the seeds of basil discs are successfully sown throughout the year in specially selected containers suitable for the purpose. Outdoors, basil is sown from mid-March when the temperature is right and the frosts have passed. You can also sow basil seeds in pots indoors in January and February, and plant the already-ready seedlings in March.

If you sow basil outdoors in yards or gardens, you must take special care to protect the valuable plantings from its main enemy - the slug. When growing it at home, basil is mostly threatened by the "plague" that whiteflies and aphids represent for the spice.

With adequate care, this aromatic herb grows from 20 to 60 centimeters and has abundant and aromatic foliage, highly valued in cooking. It is used in making a variety of salads, sauces of any type, and main foods. Most popular are recipes from the Mediterranean, which have recently been increasingly entering our country as well. However, the homeland of the basil spice is the Asian continent, from where it was brought to Europe in ancient times, and today it is widely used all over the world.

Apart from fresh basil, you can also use it successfully after drying it. For this purpose, the stalks are tied in a bundle, and the bundle is left in dry places with good ventilation. When they are dry, the leaves are crumbled and kept in glass containers or paper bags, and then they are used for about 12 months without losing their aroma and valuable qualities. See more peppermint seed discs online.

Flowering: Small flowers in white or pale purple, blooming from June to September. 
Height: From 20 to 60 centimeters.
Illumination of the terrain: On all-day sunny areas.
Soil Conditions: Nutrient and moisture-rich soil that is well drained.
Cold tolerance: Thrives only in warm weather. It is not winter-hardy.
Longevity: Of the genus of annuals.
Suitable place: In the sun in the garden or in containers at home.
Sowing period: Indoors throughout the year, and outdoors from mid-March.
Sowing depth: They are sown quite shallowly. They are covered with a fine layer of soil on top and pressed by hand. Water abundantly.
Cultivation scheme: The packet contains one 10 cm seed disk, which is sown in a 15 cm diameter pot.
Germination period: From 14 to 21 days
Need for watering: Water carefully without overwatering.
Suitable Fertilizers: Fertilize Basil seed discs for planting in pot with spice fertilizer.

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