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Seeds of black tomato variety Black from Tula, very tasty

Seeds of black tomato variety Black from Tula, very tasty
Seeds of black tomato variety Black from Tula, very tasty

The team of Online tomato seeds Catalog Semenata.ORG presents the seeds of the black tomato variety Black from Tula from its rich catalog with products.

This exotic variety of black tomatoes is relatively new on the market. They have a refreshing taste and an unusual color. Tomatoes of the Black from Tula variety have medium size and weigh between 160 and 180 grams. The interesting thing about them is the unusual colors, which vary from dark mahogany to dark brown, and distinguish them from most pink or red tomatoes known to local gardeners and consumers of agricultural products in our country.

Even more interesting and unusual for the tomato-lovers is their taste, they are a pleasant mixture of sweetness with fresh sourness combined with a thick tomato aroma.

The tomatoes from the variety Black from Tula have a compact stem and become full of fruit during their fruiting period. The variety is highly valued because it grows freely in height and produces a rich harvest when regular watering and fertilizing are provided.

To sow one-acre field with black tomatoes of the rare type Black from Tula you need 25 to 30 grams of premium seeds.

The optimal conditions for early sowing are in January and February. The mid-early sowing is done in March. The late sowing is done between April and May.

The transplanting of the seedlings of these black tomatoes is done from the end of March onwards under suitable temperature and climate conditions.

When transplanting the seedlings leave a distance of 80 to 120 centimeters between the rows, and 35 to 45 cm between the individual plants in a row to ensure optimal ventilation and nutrition of the tomato plants.

The black tomato variety Black from Tula is highly valued and used most often in salads, as a salad dressing, in luxury restaurants, at private parties, and for catering services due to its attractive and unusual color. See more nice seeds of vegetables and more seeds of low-stemmed tomato Bononia online.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: 0.5 g (125 - 175 seeds of Black from Tula variety in 1 packet)

  • Sowing rate: About 25 to 30 grams of seeds per 1 acre.

  • Harvest: -

  • The optimal time for sowing: For early production sow the seeds of the black tomatoes from the 20th of January to 25th of February. For medium from 1st  to 30th of March. For late from 25th of April to 10th of May.

  • The ideal time for transplanting seedlings:  The ready seedlings are transplanted outdoors after the end of March.

  • Cultivation scheme: 80 - 120/35 - 45 cm. The black tomatoes are grown outdoors on stakes.

  • Vegetation: 70 - 75 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: Medium size, up to 160 and 180 grams, round, brownish, with a pleasant sweet-sour taste and rich tomato aroma.


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