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Tomato seeds Red Pear - a favorite variety

Tomato seeds Red Pear - a favorite variety
Tomato seeds Red Pear - a favorite variety

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Online home and garden catalog has enriched its catalog with more Red Pear Tomato seeds. Varietal seeds of this incredibly tasty tomato can be ordered online. As you might guess from its name, this red tomato has a peculiar shape typical of the pear fruit.

Considering the shape of this vegetable, it is not difficult to guess that it is especially favored because of it. You can also sow it for mid-early production with seeds of the Albenga heart tomato variety, which is also characterized by its high taste qualities.

The pear-shaped red tomato, like its yellow-colored relative, is characterized by the growth of the stem high and needs support. The pear-shaped tomato variety is early to medium.

What is interesting about growing it and convenient in this case is that you can sow seeds of Red Pear tomato directly or if you are going to do early production you can make seedlings. What is actually convenient for you is that if you grow many different crops, you can simply choose a permanent place for this type of tomato and thus save time (in late cultivation).

The fruits that are obtained after the past growing period look like pears and have a red-orange color. The exoticism and beauty of the fruit is not the only thing that attracts vegetable lovers. They are particularly preferred because of their average size and weight, from 200 to 220 grams.

Tomatoes of the Red Pear variety are quite fleshy and tasty. This allows their wide use in preparing salads, purees, and juices.

Of course, like any vegetable, eating a tomato fresh is the best and most popular.

The production of the Red Pear Tomato from seed can generally be from January to September. This depends on the sowing period. Sowing can be done for early production - from the twentieth of January to the tenth of February. The next sowing, which is actually for its average production, is in the month of March - from the beginning to the end of the month. And for its late production, sow the seed of Red Pear tomatoes from April 25th to May 10th.

With these sowing stages in mind, you will decide whether to transplant or choose to direct sow. You can also consider the growing season of the delicious tomato, it is from 100 to 110 days.

A tip about spacing when transplanting. Between the rows in which you place the plants, leave 80 to 120 centimeters, and between the seedlings grown from the seeds of Red Pear salad tomatoes, leave 35 to 40 centimeters in the row.

The Red Pear Tomato is especially valued by professional chefs. This variety is a favorite of Italians. The shape of the tomato is specific and the preferred vegetable is used not only to make salads unique in shape and taste, but also for decoration or garnish, even as part of main dishes.

Sow Red Pear tomato seeds and enjoy some truly delicious and beloved varieties of red delicious tomatoes! See more vegetable seeds – yellow tomato seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.5 g (125 - 175 seeds)

Sowing rate: From 25 to 40 grams per acre in seedling cultivation, if you sow directly you will need about 120 - 150 grams of seed.

Sowing period: Early sowing - 20.01 - 25.02, medium - in March, late - 25.04 - 10.05.

Planting period: Can not be transplanted, depending on the period (for late production can also be direct seeded).

Cultivation scheme: In greenhouses or outdoors, stakes are grown at a scheme of 80-120/35-45 cm.

Vegetation: 100 - 110 days. April - September bears fruit.

Characteristics of the fruit: Medium size, pear-shaped fruit, red-orange color 200 - 220 g. Great taste qualities - dense, rich aroma, fleshy tomato, sweet, and with few seeds. Perfect for fresh consumption and canning. 

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